Cultural Literacy Assignment Week One Period 3

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  1. By the Editorial board in “United in Outrage” the editorial board describes the unity of the solidarity march after the murder of seventeen people including Charlie Hebado a writer apart of satirical weekly tabloid that was attacked by Islamist radicals. This article shows how after the tragedy of the Charlie Hebado attack the French and the world have come together and joined hands to send a message to Islamist terrorism that freedom of press is something that can not be hindered, stopped, or erased. The editorial board states that “the Charlie Hebado murder is certain to intensify exploration for effective ways to control and rigorously combat terrorism”.This is undoubtedly true seeing that there have been countless of terrorist attacks in various countries such as Canada, Britain, and other Western countries. In the end the Editorial board shows us how such appalling terrorist acts can unite an enormous group of people around the world under one message, and giving us a detailed indigent of how this event is likely to create a shock wave of response.

    Personal Commentary:
    I myself believe that this article perfectly shows how terrorist acts can affect people in different parts of the world. This event also reminds of the Boston Marathon bombings and how it affected others.

    Pablo Picasso, a well known famous artist that is from Malaga Spain, in his work “La Guitare” he implied that he was delivered from painting and sculpture and was liberated from the imbecilic tyranny of genres. He He shows the audience something unordinary and develops a style of art that isn’t recognized by his visitors, they often asked questions like ‘what is that?’. Pablo Picasso wanted to accomplish something different, so he created La Guitare in order to create a radical breakthrough. The artist expresses a new type of art to its viewers who are interested in abstract art to portray creativity.

    I can feel the vibe of Picasso’s work and his effort to show his viewers about art and music. Art can be anything, it’s not strictly about painting or drawing. That sculpture was first made with cardboard and then later he recreated that piece with sheet metal. I believe what the artist is trying to portray here is creativity.


  3. Author: Barbara Ross-Lee, is vice president for Health Sciences and Medical Affairs at New York Institute of Technology and a member of the Institute of Medicine’s committee on graduate medical education, in her article “A better way to get the primary care doctors we need“ claims that most of the average residents training are in hospitals with many choices for small amount of people who got care. Barbara says that residents now enjoy a higher level of personalized patient interaction and get a better understanding of how to bring quality care in a community. Her purpose is that she trying to say that doctors should be care more about patients in order to be doctors that the community wants. This article was for the people who read articles that are interested in their community


    Rhetorical Precis: Dominique Moisi, in her article “France’s 9/11”, begins by comparing France’s assassination on Wednesday morning, January 7, 2015 with the 9/11 incident in New York of 2001. It states that its casualties are relatable, however in France, there were about 20 people compared to the 3,000 people in New York. The author also writes that the terrorist’s main targets were similar; for example New York’s Twin Towers portrayed “capitalist ambition and achievement” and France’s Charlie Hebdo shows “the spirit of democratic freedom”. The author’s intent not only was to show the relativity between France and New York’s attacks but also to inform that the French will confront this situation, like the Americans, “ firmly and clearly, but also with responsibility”. The audience for the article are for those who are interested in today’s news, current events and world- wide reports.
    Personal Commentary: Overall the article, was simplistic and understandable. I understood the idea of the comparing both attacks and similarities they shared. I can also infer that this can also be used for those who want to know what’s happening around the world and why it is happening.

  5. Jordan Hankston

    Weezer is a powerhouse band that has hit songs spanning from the mid 90’s to the mid 2000’s.

    Weezer’s Blue Album takes influences from early Power Pop artists like The Pixies (Bone Machine) and Cheap Trick(I Want You to Want Me).

    In my opinion they owe their notoriety to their quirky lyrics and irresistibly hooky choruses.

    With catchy life anthems like “say it ain’t so” and “My Name is Jonas” who wouldn’t be inclined to scream out a verse or two?

  6. Luzelena Rosales

    Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch painter who is considered one of the greatest painters of all time had two extraordinary pieces of work that remains known for throughout the world “Sunflowers” and ‘’ Starry Night’’ .These two pieces portrayed separate things,however they have means to them. “Starry Night” creates a distraction as well as keeping a watchful eye out for a night sky.Vincent Van only sold one painting in his whole life,but even with that said “starry Night” is one of well known artwork that shows a look beyond night.It also give culture behind it as well, it keep your eyes at watch and always moving. With your eyes moving you keep your mind at work and you wonder why I’m I so attracted by the particular spirals in this piece? Why cant i take my eyes away? What does the work represent?The painter Vincent sets your eyes into a journey into a world he only know but you could find just have to look harder.

    Personal Commentary: I feel that i enjoyed Vincent Van Gogh work because it gives you a look into a different world and reality .Its as if you could picture a world different than what we live in now. Also it shows the point of view of someone you wish you could meet or see and how different Vincent looked at the world since that’s all he really had,“Art”.

  7. alejandra figueroa

    Apocalypse Now is an action and adventure movie Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. This movie is base on the war between the United State and Vietnamese. A man named Willard who was sent to assistant Col. Kurtz. Kurtz was a Commander for the United State that had run away and t looking they were looking for him to kill him .The director of the movie is trying to tell you the message is if you work for the Army/Government and if you know too much information or have power they would eliminate for the safety of the United State. The audience would be soldiers in the United State Army. Movie shows how the army works and treat you. This shows how your own aliens would betray you.

  8. In the article “Has Jerry Brown gone to far for renewable energy ?” by Peter Asmus it talk about governor Jerry Brown want California to be a mostly renewable state this. Other states think that California progressing too fast as a state from the rest of the nation. The reason the author of this of the article believe why Jerry brown is pushing this is because our energy efficiency technologies is behind from germany and state of Alaska. I think Jerry Brown is right for going so far to push the topic of renewable energy for the reason that we’re one of the world most use fossil fuse if California get this then it’ll produce less CO2 in the atmosphere

  9. Benjamin Fraticelli

    Cultural Literacy Project #1 Article:
    (When Diabetes Treatment Goes Too Far)
    Benjamin Fraticelli
    Period 3

    Kasia Lipska, a writer for the New York TImes implied in her article “When Diabetes Treatment goes too far” that treatment for diabetes is harsh, and could lead to other problems due to the side effects of the medication used to treat diabetes.Kasia Lipska created an image for the reader to grasp their attention, she starts her story with and elderly patient, saying that she’s writing this article for someone she cares about. From there she says that this patient of hers was in an accident, and hits a tree. She states that he hits this tree because of the medication he was on for diabetes once she addressed that this medication is a problem, she opens up the article to the fact that eleven million americans are diabetics creating an even larger situation. Now she begins to state what’s wrong with the medication, saying that people are put at risk for having a low blood pressure, Hypoglycemia, once she’s done explaining the problem she puts in her own opinion. Saying that its the large pharmaceutical companies, and they disregard the state of health in which the patient is, and give the majority of people the same dosage. She states that they do this in order to become more wealthy, and are just using people with diabetes to get more money.(I accidently grouped sentence 2,and 3 together with a little of 4 too) The audience that Kasia Lipska would mainly be the relating to would be people who have, or knows someone who has diabetes. She does this by relating to them, taking hold of audiences trust by saying that she is just like them, and knows someone who has diabetes. She holds onto this trust throughout the article by stating facts about diabetics. However she starts to gradually bring the article over to a different idea, the idea that its the large pharmaceutical companies with their corrupt ways, just trying to gain more wealth, and power through these people by giving them a designated amount of drugs regardless of their current state of health. At the end of her article she brings it back to her patient, to reinsure the audience that this entire article was based around her patient, someone she cares about, and they should listen to her and her ideas.
    My personal Commentary
    I think that the article was interesting, I had expected to read this article, and find a little more about diabetes,and the harsh side effects of the medication they had to take to keep their blood sugar level normal. I did learn some new things about diabetes, but what really was interesting to me was the message hidden towards the end, I guess I should have expected an alternate message, given that fact that it was the opinion page, as well as the writers background. Overall I think that the article could have taken a different approach to the idea, in order to get its idea across.

  10. Rhetorical Precis:
    Debra Saunders, author of the article, Say Islam is Violent and Jihadis will Kill You, implies that if anyone disrespects the religion of Islam, they will be dealt with by Muslims. Saunders develops her article with her introduction of how the French were always aware about the dangers of Islam, and how the council on American-Islamic Relations knew not mock their faith, also if one was to say the Islam is not a religion of peace Islamists would try to eliminate you to leave a message to anyone who says Islam is not peaceful. The purpose of Saunders article was to portray that Islamists would kill anyone that says the Islam faith is violent or brutal in order to protect their belief. The intended audience is anyone that is Muslim or downs the Islamic faith.

    Personal Commentary:
    I didn’t know how serious Jihadis are about someone disrespecting their faith until I read this article. This made me think maybe I should think twice before saying anything that demeans Islam. It’s really interesting to read about how different people react to backlash from other people’s thoughts on their religion.

  11. Anangelica Monroy


    Peter Asmus, a hopeful activist for Governor Jerry Brown, in his article “Has Jerry Brown gone too far on green energy?” simplifies all the implications of all of the green based ideal goals the governor plans to have accomplished by the year 2030.Asmus, informs me of how the governor wants to reduce petroleum and double the efficiency with his 40 year experience of jump-starting the green community and has a drive to complete the legacy he made for himself.Peter’s purpose with this article was to pull people opposing the governor’s idea and to show the pros and cons of his plans.He alters the audiences ideas, for instance myself by telling the truth and reminding me of the long experience Jerry Brown has earned to know what he is doing. The truth was not sugar-coated but intended to be heard with no surprises.

    I personally thought this article was interesting because I am in the green academy and I barely ever hear people in politics talk about a greener environment and reducing our carbon footprint. I mean when I do they think it’s not our fault but its the facts and I’m glad our governor is taking a stand despite people opposing his beliefs.It’s really restored some faith in our government system and people in office.


    -Anangelica Monroy P.3

  12. Coldplay a band that started of in 1996 made their second album “A Rush of Blood to the Head” that is considered pop album was made from the life of people. Their songs all have something that everyone can relate to and is very real or true in a persons life in the lyrics. Their purpose is to sing of life and their own life experience to share it with the whole world. The relationship of Coldplay to their audience is them to find the message, story, or life lesson. They want to give something out there. Their songs have a message and a feeling that makes the audience have feelings and thoughts when listening to their songs. Their lyrics are very well thought through. I know to me their songs made me feel relaxed and their lyrics I can rate to.

  13. week1

    Ahmad Mansour, the psychologist in Germany, in the discusion about “Western Allies Must Share Intelligence On Returning Jihadists”suggest that we should se for each other and not be against.Ahmad talk about how people who participated in terrorism then they will live that voilent fantasies since they have expirienced crimes and how they will be against the media and would want freedom in Europe and also in the west and against thing such as religion,gender and culture.His purpose is not only for terrorism to stop but for people to look for each other since now days a lot of terrorism has happend like in Paris and how they aiming for Australia and United States to do some terrorism.He’s trying to tell people to open there eyes becasuse when we less expect then something could happend because our kids are the future.

    Ahmaspd article spoke to me because wat he saying in the article is true.I think i would be agreeing with him since a lot of terrorism has hapoend lately and we don’t want that to hapoend in the U.S. since its a bad experience kause of wat happend in 2002.I feel like if i was a person who had joined the ISIS or the AL QAEDA then i would never kill someone or try to because i would regreat it and feel bad.

  14. Rhetorical Précis: Pablo Ruiz y Picasso, also known as Pablo Picasso, was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright who spent most of his adult life in France. One of his famous paintings, The Old Guitarist, shows an blind old man sitting on the street corner in old, worn out clothes. This was created 1903-1904(early), during Picasso’s blue period (1901-1904) The colors and image on the painting suggests and gives a more sorrowful, tragic feel to it. Adding to the fact that there were no bright colors (Like yellow.) used in his palette to create the image it might be hinting at some facts, like that Picasso was living in poverty at the time and mourning the loss of someone close to him. The man in the painting also seems to be close to death and loosely clinging to his guitar (which is the only significant color change in his palette of colors.)

    Personal commentary: I think the painting compares to the struggles of being an artist in a way. The way the old man looks, as if he’s close to death, and kind of clinging on to his guitar. To me the man represents the struggle and the little to no comfort in the world while trying to survive. I compare the guitar to the struggle of survival and hope mainly because that’s his only way he’s going to survive. The man depends on his guitar and the small amount of money he earns from making music from it. In some ways the man(artist) may represent the burdens that comes with the career and isolation. Albeit the isolation from man to society, the man (or artist) depends on the rest of society for their survival.

    “The Old Guitarist becomes an allegory of human existence.”

    (That’s not my quote, I can’t find who quoted it originally.)

  15. Amber lee a KTVU Channle 2 News reporter did a report on family ad friends who gathered for hayes valey shooting vigil. The artical argues that this crime was unbelievable and devastating as family and friends gathered together and marched against the violence. Ambers reason of writting this artical is to show how it benefits the family and the community.

    This article really showed how many people were affected by the crimes that go on in are communitys. Not alot of people care as much but, this mrch shows alot of respect

  16. Rhetorical Precis:
    Yuumei(Wenqing Yan), an aspiring artist that hopes to share her dreams across the internet and the world. In her piece “You’re free” from her internet comic Fisheye Placebo shows connections to similar problems today. Wenqing shows in the piece as the man is on his knees showing peace signs as well written on his back in white paint “you are free” as multiple policemen stand in front of him with batons. This shows that the current brutality even goes to the extent of hurting people who striving for peace without using force but goes against their beliefs. This piece shows even striving for peace using non-forceful tactics will end up in a violent response to silence those who oppose their belief of a community that would only blindly listen to them. Wenqing portrays that even though in her fictional world in a world of conflicts created by her she relates them to her as the brutality of the real world and shows her understanding of this and shows us the point of view of the common person and not the news.
    Personal Precis:
    I really like this piece as it not only showed current day events. But she isnt turning her eye and passing it off as something that doesnt need to be told. It portrays the police using force to get what they want as well a peaceful protestor is in front ready to take whatever comes at him. To show that they wanted to be peaceful and only want to meet their small needs without having to force them.

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