Cultural Literacy Assignment Week Two Period 3


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  1. Aisha Harris Slate staff writer, in the article Go Back in Time “With Nearly Every Single Cultural Reference from the Office” She suggest that Aaron Rasmussen will make a interactive to navigate every pop culture reference made in series and there will be in update of every song or movie released. She said that in 1994 there full be a short you tube super cut filled with Forest Gump and George Foreman Grill they determine a precise year of something as ambiguous as the origin of the Jazz Funeral. Her purpose is that the spirit of freely sharing creative work, Sabia encourages everyone to correct his potential oversights and help him pinpoint the few references from the show he wasn’t able to comprehend. She will want to encourage her readers to look up at the videos that are going to be released

    Personal Commentary: I think that this article is interesting because I never heard of pop culture reference and that there was a you tube cast and I would like too to hear the series that came out.

  2. The SanFransisco Chronicle,a newspaper in the bayarea,in their opinion article, “Obamas Free Community College Tuition Plan Worth Pursuing, argues that its a good idea even though it doesn’t pay for everything like, books, transportation,child care,and time out of workforce.The editors create a good argument by pointing out that it is a free community college tuition but really Obama saying “we will pay for some of your college fund you will have to pay the rest”. There purpose is to show that this plan is a good idea in order to influence there readers. To this end, the editors develops an informational relationship with readers of the SanFransisco chronicle.

    Personal Commentary
    This article is good its also persuasive and i think it would change many peoples minds because it talks about how there might be free community college tuition later in time. the plan is a good idea because it could help out the people that have money but not as much as they need to go to college.

    Dominique Moisi, a French professor, in his article “France’s 9/11” asserts the terrorist attack that caused deaths of eight french civilians. The author of this article tries to explain the reason why both the U.S and France countries were attacked by the same terrorist group. Dominique Moisi first compares the United State’s 9/11 incident with their “9/11” in order to show major differences, but to find that they share the same essence. The author’s audience is directed to whomever’s country has faced terrorism and to show sympathy to them.

    In my own opinion, I believe that the author is trying to tell his audience that unity is crucial to countering terrorism. I also agree with him when he stated that they would not make the mistake that the Americans did after their terrorist attack by extending global war on terror. This article is very informative and reaches out to me saying, there are many ways terrorism can happen.


  4. The artist, John Walker, painted a piece called March Light (2001), that uses oil paint on a canvas that illustrates a scenery of dark vivid shadow shows that in any goal that anyone is trying to achieve, the “bad past” will be around you. Walker supports his painting by applying a black center spot, surrounded with a sad and fearful feeling of blue, and above it a light blue that means light. The artist’s ideal was to show people that in life, the negative things will surrounds you but there will be a goal at the end of that time. The attendant audience is for anyone that possibly have experienced on what Walker experienced.

    I really think that this piece of art is astonishingly relates to a time i had by the colors and the feels of it. This piece made me wondered why in the center its dark but on the other side is bright. Overall this piece explains some parts of peoples fazes they went through.

  5. alejandra figueroa

    In the article “How technology can improve America’s school” by Jason Green describes that technology can help improve the education of students. This article supports its claim by stating statistics and studies showing that technology improves learning in schools. We are in the 21st century and a technology is a must have;he explains that the world is run by technology and if they can provide the schools with computers/ipads and high speed internet would be really useful for student. Student would be able to access information easier and learn new skills that can prepare them for the future. The audience for this article would be schools, district staffs, teachers, students, parents and taxpayers because they would be in charge if the student would use technology as a source of learning.

    Personal Commentary:
    personally thought the article was interesting because as a student I would like to have high speed internet and new computers at my school to make it easier to get our work done. This would be beneficial for the student that need access to the Internet to get their work done. We would gain new skills buy using technology as a new source of education.


  6. week2

    Adam Frank, the author of “Is a climate inevitable?”, Adam argues that we humans have impacted mother eart really bad.They have researched another planets and they arent as much affected like mother earth.Adam talks about people looking at other planets but there atmosphere isnt as bad as our, also he talks about humas trowing away 36 billion tons of carbon dioxide into earth that why our atmosphere temperature is high.Adam wants for people to change this so we can see how mich we have impacted earth by not recycling and also not using energy and other stuff the right way, he wants us to change this because one day the temperature will be too much and we might not know wat would happend to humans and also theres no other planet that we could live at.Adan wants for people to think green not just waiste thing that would affect earth becuase we don’t know wat we would do with out it.

    Adam article spoke to me a lot because we don’t know wat we would do with out mother earth.I can relate to this article because sometimes my family waste energy for no reason wich i think we can change that so it could be one less person to worry about.Also this article speeks a lot by the things he says and how no other earth cant be compared to mother eart.

  7. In her article “High Noon for the Gray Wolf”, Lydia Millet describes in story the life of a gray way wandering from Oregon to California. In it Lydia tells us of how the conservationists efforts to protect the gray wolf in american states are fleeting.She also tells of how although the gray wolf population is slowly rising and returning to its native location of their ancestor they are still met by hunters. Furthermore she describes how the federal government seek to undermine the endangered species act that protect endangered species such as the gray wolf under the preset that they are a danger to livestock. All in all Lydia states the reason why Wolves are needed in the wild.
    Personal commentary: I believe that in the end conservationist efforts to protect endangered species such as the Gray wolf will stay alive as long as there are people that believe that the need to maintain and prevent the endangered population from dropping supersedes and is paramount than the federal governments feeble excuses of xenocide


    Rhetorical Precis:
    Jackson Pollock, a surrealist of automatism, paints freely a piece of art called One: Number 31, 1950. The “drip” painting, they call it, implies various ideas. A few say that the painting shows chaos, lack of structure, shown by the different lines and the different thickness of each line overlapping one over another. Others say that the painting exemplifies the connection between oneself and the outside world and/or one’s unconscious. This is shown with the free movement of each line of the paint with the various colors it includes. The artist explains that the painting was made while sitting on the floor, circling around it and letting the paints fling and plop onto the canvas. The artist’s purpose for its audience is to be able to connect with one’s inner self and reflect.

    Personal Commentary:
    This painting grabbed my attention due to the wild lines and wonder it fascinated my mind. The canvas makes me want to question many things, like for example it makes me wonder about the universe and my inner being. I really like this painting however many might say it looks like a mess but I really do like it.

  9. in the article “Inside the exoskeleton, is that a human or a machine?” by Dov Greenbaum the author was think if exoskeleton technologies that are revealable available right now is not a good idea. The article began with the ekso showing new technologies then it goes on about how humans with these type of technologies is being treated in the law systems. In this article Dov said that “exoskeletons costing as much as a luxury car, who should have access to this technology?” this could be how social structure as this kepe goes on in the future.

    In my opinion it amaze me how human can achieve so much from an ideas turn it into a real object i think that humanity should continue with these type of ideas it as long as people don’t misuse them then it not a problems

  10. This photograph from World War 2 shows how America struggled when they invaded Okinawa. This photo explains how much and how far the war had spread across the globe. The purposes of this photo is to show how bad World War 2 was getting and the effect it had on different countries around the world. The intended audience for this photo are people that are learning about World War 2.
    Commentary: Looking at this photo made me feel sad. It shows how many different countries and armies were effected by this war.

  11. Kathe kollwits is a female German sculptor and printmaker. Her artwork is called mother with a child in her arms, shows the life in 1915 during the word war 1. She supports her thesis with the lady and her baby together happy to have each other, and the clothing show what was going around at that time. The authors purpose is to lighten up things especially when war was going on. She was showing to find happiness even in some of the hardest times. She tries to get the attention of soldiers who at this time were going through a lot to keep them happy.
    Personal commentary:
    I personally love the art kathe created it is beautiful that she captured an amazing moment. To men their moms are very important and we all know we love our moms. This was a perfect way to capture their attention and make smileshappen. To give them a reason to win the war.

  12. Benjamin Fraticelli

    Cultural Literacy Project
    Benjamin Fraticelli

    Piet Mondrian is an artist that painted the piece, Wings Facing West that asserts a kind of silence in his painting.In this painting the scene is standing still, the water in the painting doesn’t have ripples in the water, there also isn’t any type of living creature in the painting. It would have been easy to add in a fish, or a frogs. However due to the lack of movement I think it creates an image of peace and silence. I think the purpose of this painting was to show that thinks that aren’t touched by living organisms have their own beauty, one that lies in the peace, and silence of the scenery. I don’t think that this piece of art has any specific audience, besides the general public to tell them that you can find relaxation anywhere.
    Personal Thoughts
    I thought that this piece was very beautiful, because in the image, the bridge over the stream had non matching colors that added a more isolated feeling to the image. I found this image interesting as well because it seems like Piet Mondrian stopped making art like this, and created pieces with more shapes, and lines but still used the same materials. Over all i think this is a wonderful piece of artwork.

  13. Anangelica Monroy

    Ben Sharpsteen, was an American film director and producer for Disney. In his movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(1937) he tells the story of how a vain step-mother is threatened by the beauty of her own daughter.He opens the movie up of course with the mother speaking in a magical mirror asking who is the “fairest” of them all? The mirror tells her that Snow White is the fairest causing a surge of jealousy to rise , this jealousy leads to a huntsman being ordered to assassinate the beautiful Snow White and he has to rip out her heart to be put in a box to prove this horrid deed .The huntsman can’t do it and sends her off into the world to fend for herself where she meets dwarfs and cleans their home in order to have a fair agreement that she can stay rather than hoping her beauty is enough . The stepmother disguises herself as an old lady and gives Snow a poisonous apple after she discovers she was spared of her life. The spell is later on broken by a prince charming. The purpose of Ben’s plot is to show how beauty on the outside can’t hide the ugly on the inside forever. The magic mirror gave off the illusion that “fairest” was beautiful on the outside but the mirror knew that Snow White would always be the fairest through the beauty in her heart not her face.Ben made this for me and everyone who wanted a meaningful message . To inform us that beauty on the outside means nothing without the beauty of the inside . Jealousy will only lead to a miserable life.

    I personally love the original movie rather than the modern version we have now because the movie is so simple with much more of the message being an impact. The fact that a woman is jealous of a girl shows how the female gender reacts to such beauty and yes, jealousy is a huge factor in this life on and off screen but the only way to be happy and always beautiful even if you aren’t on the outside is to be on the inside .The movie is amazingly informative if people paid attention.


  14. Rhetorical Precis:
    Mike Walker, author of the article, Will Chinatown remain Chinatown? , informs us about how Chinatown was once full of people of Chinese descent but now it’s more for shopping especially for the elderly. Walker develops his article with the history of Chinatown, the future of Chinatown, and new structures that might be built in that area. The point of the article is to tell whether Chinatown still be around or will new buildings be built there and replace the older buildings. The audience of the article is people of Chinese descent or anyone that hangs out around Chinatown.

    Personal Commentary:
    I personally don’t go to Chinatown very often so I can’t really put myself in the shoes of people that might lose something important to them. Even though I don’t go there often I believe if people really want Chinatown to stay they should make a petition and get as many people to sign it as possible.


  15. Jose guadalupe,Correctional officers abusing their law.
    Has investigations done and a lot if interviews done to the inmates and they explain what happen.
    Correctional officers use a lot of physical force, some do it on purpose and that is against the law.
    The author is trying to show how correctional officers abuse the power they have.

    Personal commentary:This has been a problem for a long time.

  16. Robert Wise, the director of the movie West Side Story, tells a tale of love and violence within two groups of inner city greasers and puerto rican gangsters in the 50’s that battle for territory in New York. Wise uses the power of music in this movie to describe what love that cannot be attained feels like and what inner city violence is like for kids growing up in the 50’s. The purpose of the movie is to give a taste of what unattainable love is for people who haven’t ever experienced love like this. The intended audience for this movie is any person who loves musicals and people that haven’t experienced this type of love before.

    This movie reminds me a lot of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Love that is forbidden is a type of love that no one should ever have to suffer through, which is probably why Romeo and Juliet both die in the end of the book.

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