Concept Albums for Cultural Literacy Project

Click on this link for a list of concept albums suitable for the assignment.


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  1. Alfredo Lira P4.
    Salvador Dali, a man ahead of his time in the 1930s, created an exotic piece of surrealist art in 1935 that he named, “Persistence Of Memory” with this art he shows that time is meaningless in some forms, such as in dreaming states, or perhaps even life. Dali shows this by the melting clocks in his painting, as the clocks melt, so does the meaning of time, people normally keep track of time when they are awake but not while dormant, thus time is meaningless while dreaming. In the big cities the public is always in a rush for the next job, bus stop, opportunity, but Dali shows that when you are in a vast empty space such as the desert in his painting, then time goes by slowly, it fades away as you live on. Dali’s purpose for this famous artwork was not only to show that time is meaningless while you dream, and even in a busy life, but also to begin a new form of artwork, pushing the surrealism movement, continuing and encouraging a revolution in art throughout the world. His abnormal style reached out for those who were ready for change in the 1930s, young men and women who wanted to grow out of classical art and lifestyles and wanted to move on and change america with newer forms of living and expression.
    This painting has always stood for myself, I have always found it very intricate and profound in meaning. First time I saw it, I was about 12, it weirded the hell out of me, but as I saw it more often and thought of it more as I grew i realized it’s meaning, we to me at least. I had to draw this art piece last year for art class and it was very.. amusing, it seems simple but when you get down to trying to copy it with all the details it is a tedious task.
    Bibliography, my life and

  2. Category: Opinion

    Rhetorical Precis
    Liz Carlisle, the journalist, in her article “Learn to Live with Drought – Eat More Lentils” points out the fact that California has been in a drought for four years and suggest that consumers should eat more lentils due to their ability to be resilient against droughts and also is a cheap and healthy source of nutrients. She supports her suggestion by listing the benefits of lentils that they don’t require chemical fertilizers, and are able to put nutrients back in the soil when they grow; she uses the answers she received from farmers during an interview explaining why lentils is a good crop to grow during droughts. Her purpose is not only to try to try to restrict the use of water used, but also trying to get consumers to eat more lentils because the crop is not only very beneficial to the environment and is rich in nutrients, but also resilient to droughts. The intended audience she was directing to aim this towards was the public shops for their groceries and this might change their mind on the types of vegetables they buy at the supermarket.

    Personal Commentary
    This will help converse California’s water supply because most of the water used is for farming and irrigation. I think this is a good idea because not only does lentils replenish the nutrients back into the soil, but they’re resilient to drought. This is a smart idea because they’re cheap, rich in nutrients and fibers, and doesn’t require chemical fertilizer which ends up destroying ecosystems when washed away by rainwater.

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