Cultural Literacy Assignment Week Three Period 3


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  1. Steven Spielberg, one of the greatest movie directors of all time, in his priceless movie “jaws” asserts that human tenacity will overcome any force of nature. This is shown as they are trying to kill the giant shark who has started attacking people at the beach, they could have simply given up and left to find another beach. But they stood their ground against the odds and had slain the giant shark. This has shown with all your effort towards something no matter what it is you will overcome the obstacles with necessary sacrifices. He can alter a simple attack on a person by a shark into a thrilling movie.
    Personal Commentary:
    I enjoyed jaws as it is a timeless classic. Its a great thriller that not only puts fear into getting into water but a sudden fear to be on a boat. I digress it’s a timeless classic of how well played out it is and the excitement of it never ends. The actors play it perfectly as they are showing fear and true human emotion to conquer this beast.

  2. alejandra figueroa

    In the article “ Why more jobs won’t mean more pay for Americans” by Robert Reich, he describes that America is going through a crisis of economic that is affecting everyone specially the ones with no jobs. This article is political and economic because it talks about how many people are unemployed or have a low paying jobs. If we add more jobs for this people it would have a negative impact in the economy for everyone because we are tight in money and would cause people to earn little money and won’t be able to survive with the little money they earn. It also talks about how technology has grown over the years and how they have robots doing human jobs and this cause people to lose their jobs. The audience for this article is the the government, employees, and unemployed. Robert Reich is trying to tells that even though they put more jobs for people it wont help the economic industry at all.

    Personal Commentary:
    This article has change the way i thought about how just putting more jobs for people won’t solve the problem of people economy. In fact it would cause people to earn a lower pay in their jobs and won’t have enough to pay bills or food for their families. It changed the way i thought because i used to think that if they provided more jobs it would impact the economic in a positive way because we would have more money.


    In his article “The Death of the Dinosaurs”, Peter Brannen debates about the truth behind the extinction of dinosaurs and asserts many theories of natural disasters that could possibly doom the dinosaurs. The Author first starts off his article by confronting the problems of the many theories that has been created by scientists and explaining them with detail. The purpose of his article is to try to clarify why and how exactly the dinosaurs gone extinct, in order to solve the mystery. He tries to grab the attention of people who are curious about history and the past.

    I thought the article was really interesting because I have never imagined the amount of ways the apocalypse could’ve happened. The author really explains the chances and reasons for things to happen. He discussed about new ideas that I haven’t thought about, like the volcanic gases having to do with dinosaur extinction or the fireball image from 1980.



    Rhetorical Precis:
    The San Francisco Chronicle publishes an astonishing editorial, “California should put more restrictions on e-cigarettes”. This editorial argues that e- cigarettes are less dangerous than the typical cigarettes; however, they are still as toxic as the regular cigarettes. The article writes that the e- cigarettes are still giving off addictive chemicals as the cigarettes and also the e-cigarettes are giving users exposure to formaldehyde. The article suggests that California should be more stricter on the uses in environments and the watchful eyes for minors who use this e- cigarette. The editorial was intended for those who use e- cigarettes, maybe parents and business owners who care for their customers.

    Personal Commentary:
    The article is informational and informative about the e- cigarette device and its side effects. This editorial was not really something that I would pick up and do more research on but it was good to know that there are people that care for other’s health and safety. I like the purpose of the article, to inform or warn others about this subject matter. Good article, but not my cup of tea. Even though I don’t like tea at all, nevertheless, it was a good, informative editorial.

    • Excellent analysis and commentary on a very important topic. Thank you for sharing your true opinion about the article.

  5. In The New York times the article by The Assosiated Press “MLK Honored;scattered protest over black deaths by police”,argues police brutality to colored people who are black people that people are fighting to make justice. Many people spoke up on MLK day like his daughter, college student, and Protestants taking it back to the unfairness like the old days. Their reason was to get to the world that protesting for black lives mean to protest in a nice orderly way in order to accomplish what they are asking for. To the readers who are protesting for justice for the black lives killed by police, to look back at MLK jr words to protest peacefully. Personal commentary:
    This article caught my attention because I think it’s important that when someone protest they do it the right way. Knowing what people from the past did to protest we should learn from them. I think police brutality is very wrong, but protesting the wrong way is not good either. If people want something they should ask for it the right way which is peacefully.

  6. Benjamin Fraticelli

    Cultural Literacy Project week 3
    Benjamin Fraticelli
    Period 3
    Robert Reich, San Francisco Chronicle writer, who wrote the “Rein in Wall Street to lift up middle class”. Mr. Reich writes in this article about the middle class, and how wall street, and its people aren’t helping the middle class americans. He states that the middle class cannot be helped, until wall street is “tamed”. He wrote this article in order to try and express his opinion on wall street, and how the middle class is being affected by wall street, and how the politics aren’t thinking about the middle class. Mr. Reich wanted to try and tell the common man about the truth behind wall street, and and politics by trying to relate to them.

    Personal opinion
    I think that Mr. Reich did bring up some good points in his article, however i think that he should have done more research to trying back up his claims. He comes out sounding ignorant, and like he got upset at the government, and wall street so he decided to vent, and spread his anger and hatred for wall street, and the government to form a group of followers who would back him up so he doesn’t feel alone, and ashamed of himself.

  7. Opinion:
    In her article “Lights out in Nigeria”, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie descriptively describes the state of power and electricity in Nigeria and the status of of the old appliances that they use through their daily life. “Light bulbs dim like tired, resentful candles. Robust fans slow to a sluggish limp” this shows how Adichie personifies the movement of objects to give life to them showing their poor characteristics. Adichie also in describing the demand for electricity shows how that need causes Nigerians to pay more money on their electricity and appliances care than their food. “I spend more on diesel than on my food” says Adichie. All in all Adichie’s article on Light in Nigeria illuminates the importance of electricity in Nigeria and the struggle that their people have in ensuring that they have current for the night

    Adichie article touched me because it has enlightened me more on the electricity struggles that developing countries such as Nigeria have. Also it reminds me of how most Americans and myself for the most part take energy granted and never think of the importance of electricity in our world.

  8. Elaine Kurtenbach and Karin Laub are authors of the article, Horror in Japan, the article Informs us of the alleged beheading of a Japanese freelance journalist by the terrorist group ISIS. The authors develop their article by first addressing the emotional distress the citizens of Japan are going through. The authors then address concern over the remaining Jordanian hostage Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh by letting readers know that the country of Jordan had resumed negotiations with ISIS. The point of this article is to inform readers of the current state of the ISIS hostage situation. The audience of this article is the public, everyone should be aware of what is happening in the world.

    I believe that this killing is a Horrible act and that it will not further any of their goals. In fact these violent acts will ultimately lead to their downfall just like any other terrorist organization like ISIS.Killing innocent civilians is never the correct way to push a political agenda.Who will listen to your ideas? Certainly not the public nor the governments of the world because your forces are targeting them both.

  9. Anangelica Monroy

    Nate Jones, a journalism investigator informs all the things you’ve wanted to know about Serial after dark in his informative article “Everything That’s Happened Around Adnan Syed’s Case Since Serial Premiered: A Timeline” Jones is simple, he gives all the hard information that is released as Serial episodes are being led out it’s the things we had no clue of knowing till after the fact.Under each episode which he tagged resourcefully, he gives us the details of the aftermath underneath showing what happened to lead up to all of the commentary and suspicion of Adnan or Sarah.His purpose of course was to let everyone be aware of why Serial was giving attention to Adnan and how it affected him when Sarah wasn’t telling us on the podcast every week .Nate doesn’t give me his personal commentary , I feel like he is just being a messenger of what he knows and he is informing nosy people like me who wander off in class about how Adnan is really living through Serial and how its affecting his life.
    This article was not as informative as I would have liked because I knew most of the things through my crazy obsession with Adnan and if his innocence is real and kept through all these years. I did however see what was going on behind the scenes, the things that Sarah never brought up to assure us. I’m not sure if she did it on purpose, if it was her way of telling me that his outside life doesn’t mean anything to her or if the story doesn’t change . Either way this article still assures me of my opinion of Andan being innocent.

  10. In the article “Obama’s free community college tuition plan worth pursuing” publish by San Francisco Chronicle talk about how “president Obama want to make the first two years of community college free for everyone who want to attend it.” One of the thing that San Francisco Chronicle said about this article is that president Obama wanted “ inspiring, and full of caveats that may sink its potential before it can even get off of the ground.” By doing this president Obama can improve our country economic in the future by creating jobs.

    To me this is a great decision to made because if this decision is pass by the congress then more adult and high schooler who just graduate have a chance to go to school in then transfer to a university so later they have better pay jobs.

  11. week 3

    The author Mike Walker in his article “Will Chinatown remain Chinatown”,argues that chinatown has upgraded and the old places that represented china have been remodel and they are not the same which some people do not like it at all.Mike Walker talks about how some people went to see the “remodel” stores but they didn’t like how they remodel them because they don’t think they represent china very well.His purpose is not only to people to remodel the “old businesses” but to leave them like they were first build because some people might like how they were first build just because it might represent china really well and might like the old looks better than the new looks.He alters to people that own businesses and have them like they were first made to not remodel them,in the picture that Scott Strazzante took shows how tourist people of people that live in california like to visit chinatown.

    I personally agree with Mike Walter because if i had own a business i would like to post old stuff that represents my culture and we’re we come from.Problably more people would come to my store just because the way i have it decorated or they just like my culture.

  12. Rhetorical Précis:
    Spencer Whitney, author of the article, Slain Bay Area rapper The Jacka will be missed, informs us of how Dominic Newton known as “The Jacka” was murdered February 2, 2015 and his music career. Whitney develops his article with where “The Jacka” was killed, his solo career and the major collaborations he had from E-40 to Devin the Dude. The purpose of this article was to show that gun violence is still alive and there will always be people that will hate on your success because it’s not theirs. The audience of the article could be for the residents of bay area or for anyone that is interested in the article.

    Personal Commentary:
    I thought the article was interesting because I live in Oakland and that could have been me or someone that I personally knew. There have been many upcoming rappers where they were killed before their prime. Over a year ago a rapper named Lil Snupe was shot and killed by a friend of his over a bet on a video game. It just shows that you should always watch your back.

  13. EmilioJulianPeriod3

    Salvador Dali, a famous painter, in his painting “The persistence of time” shows the pressence of the theme of time and the efforts to represent what he called,”hand painted dream photographs.”Salvador Dali and his painting,” The persistence of time” expresses the usage of different techniques of mastering “the usual paralyzing tricks of eye fooling” to express the “the most imperialist fury of precision”.His purpose is to “systamize confusion and thus to help discredit completely the world of reality” in order to show the appearance of the theme of time to the audience.He delivers a clear representation of the reality of time to his viewers who trust his form of painting through the essence of precision.

    Personal Commentary: His painting is great and really makes a good job in representing his theme and sticks to his form of expressing it well using different painting techniques for example confusion and illusion.

  14. Ian ayres,White people get a lot of special privileges,especially when there is a lot of people are around.
    He expresses on how bus drivers let in white people who berly had any balance on their card meanwhile some blacks had balance for at least one bus ride but still were not let on the bus.
    The purpose of this article is the topic racism. In my opinion whites always got the upper hand in everything they did. They always got a big advantage.
    The relationship between the author and the audience is racism.

    Personal Commentary:
    This article is about racism

  15. Christopher Wallace, Also known as The Notorious B.I.G., Created an album called “Ready to Die” that discusses the problems faced by young African Americans living in the ghetto. He uses his flawless lyrics to express the fact that people affiliated with the drug and gang game must face the problems of poverty and violence on a day to day basis. The albums’ purpose is to inspire adolescents living in the ghetto to get up and do something with their lives instead of hustle drugs and work for gangs until they are shot down by another street soldier. The audience is anyone that likes Biggie’s rhymes and flow as well as adolescents living in poverty.

    I personally like this Album because it inspires me to do better things in life than stay in Oakland and live in poverty. I still think that Tupac Shakur is infinitely better than Biggie, but this is a great album.

  16. In “A Student-Debt Revolt Begins” (2/23/15), author Vauhini Vara explained a graduated student, Heiney, from Everest Institute (Corinthian school), Grand Rapids, Michigan, with financial problems cause a reform with fourteen other students about how they were in debt to pay off private loans to the federal government when exactly they felt they didn’t learn enough for their future careers. Vara points out that corinthian schools are one of the worlds largest for-profit colleges in the world, and adding how the company was sued for pressuring students to sign for big loans, causing more than fifty schools to shut down, bringing a symbol of the ills of for-profit higher education, the false promises of employment, the mounting student debt, the aggressive collection tactics.

    Personally i really liked this article and kind of showing me how some for-profit schools can have economic corruption just for them to have money. I think this is a major problem of today’s society if grad students have to pay back massive loans for “unsatisfied education” it is basically robbing their money and it is a thing to look out for when i will start to apply for college.


  17. John Trumbull the American Revolution Implies that the British had more advanced weapons than the U.S. Trumbull began to discuss how the U.S. Was greatly outnumbered and how they had to plan their attacks on the British because they didn’t have many weapons. His purpose is do describe how the U.S. Won a war in which they were outnumbered in and less advanced than. He alerts the readers who want to know about the revolutionary war.

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