Cultural Literacy Assignment Week Four Period 3


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    In her article “Learn to live with drought – eat more lentils”, Liz Carlisle talks about the ‘water wars’ between farmers and conservationist groups and justifies why we should adapt to the drought and consume more lentils. She proclaims that we can grow food with less water by shifting how we farm and discussed about the major benefits in lentils. Her purpose of the article is to not only to adapt to drought, but to grow healthier and eco-friendly foods. She alters the perspectives of her readers by showing them better ways to conserve water and grow inexpensive crops.

    I found this article to be informative because of its brief explanation of an alternative crop to reduce water consumption. I believe that lentils are a great replacement crop for droughts because it’s healthy, cheap, and requires no chemicals to grow. The author talks about all the benefits about lentils, her view of lentils is justified by all the facts about lentils.


  2. In The Progressive Era (1890-1920), the author of the article portrays progressivism as an era of reforms by American progressivist to solve the problems they faced (businesses, working conditions, habits, violence, equal rights and class welfare) that can be fixed with better education, efficient working conditions, voting rights, and better wages. Although the article is short, the author explains the purpose of the progressivist was to limit the power of monopolies that were putting businesses out of business by exposing them through journalism known as “muckrackers”. For example Ida Tarbel brought Standard Oil Company down to their knees by exposing how they were treating their workers. The era had some successes and failures but it all ended when United States entered World War 1.

    Personally i think that the era was a very substantial era for improving the nation socially, politically and economically. Without this era there would been monopolies controlling the markets and possibly the senate and not most of the women would not vote, so overall the progressivism era was an important era for developing the nation.


  3. 1Claude Monet,there were a lot of different paintings but many thought this was his best one.
    2This picture really explains how nature is.
    3His purpose is to show the real world and how accurate the drawing can be.
    4Claude wants to make the audience believe that are is a great way of distracting yourself.

    Personal commentary: i really likes this picture because some people dont got this talent and as you can see the ones that do make it seem easy.

  4. alejandra figueroa

    In the article “ Latinos still missing from the TV screen “ by Ruben Navarrette Jr. is about latinos not having the opportunity to be be in the TV screen. This article talks about latinos had overcome a long history of discrimination but one thing they haven’t fully overcome is them having a leading role on TV. Most of the lations that are on the screen there roles are the housekeeper or hoodlum, the cop or soldier, the sexpot or illegal immigrant, the gardener or gang-banger this shows that there’s still racism towers latinos. It also talks about latinos population has grown and that is impossible not to hire a latino but still don’t have latinos working in the big screen of television with a leading role. “Gina Rodriguez speech said “It represents a culture that wants to see themselves as heroes” she’s trying to tells us that by giving latinos a lead role in the TV screen would show what latinos have contributed to United State with their hard work. The audience for this article is movie/TV directors, actors/ actrees, and the people that watch TV.

    Personal Commentary:
    Me reading this article made me realise that all Hollywood TV screens i had seen that have latinos actors/actrees are given roles as housekeeper or hoodlum, the cop or soldier, the sexpot or illegal immigrant, the gardener or gang-banger are base on stereotypes. Its sad hear that they still underestimate latinos work on the big screen when they have prove there capable to have leading roles.


  5. In the article,The dam mirage, by Marshall Kilduff, California’s plan to expand some of its existing reservoir’s comes under heavy fire. The author (in a subtle fashion) first attacks the idea of increasing the capacity of Shasta dam by making this statement “A bigger Shasta dam, already California’s largest, is under study to see if it can rise another 18.5 feet” This sentence gives off the feeling that the dam is already excessively large and that raising its holding capacity would not make much of a difference in california’s search for more water.The author then passes along the idea that the expansion would cause environmental harm by using the sarcastic statement “Sure, the water in the reservoir would back up farther into the Siskiyou mountains and take up stretches of the upper Sacramento. McCloud and Pit rivers, but, hey, the dam has been there since Franklin Roosevelt was president, so what’s the real harm?” From there on the author takes a more direct approach by noting that the U.S. fish and wildlife service will not back the project because of its potential harm to the environment. The point of this article is voice the authors disagreement with the california dam expansion idea. The audience of this article is those of us who are interested in environmental preservation and those of us who might have seen this as a good idea.

    I personally feel the same as the author, the expansion of the dam will destroy more of an already devastated ecosystem. Wildlife that live on the valley floor would have to migrate to higher altitudes, plant life in the valleys would no longer be able to survive. large questions loom over my mind, how much more water will this really provide for us? Does this justify destroying miles of forested areas? And are there not less impactful ways to create a larger water supply for california?


    Rhetorical Precis:
    The Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, Stephanie Sinclair, writes an “exposure” titled Child, Wife, Mother. This article shows the typical lives of young 14 year-old girls in the current days of Petén, Guatemala. Its describes the lives of young girls, who are married by the age of 11 and having children by 14. The author gives details of what the girls go through with having to quit school, leaving families and child births. The author is the director and founder of an organization, To Young To Wed. ( )The photojournalist purpose was to show many that this event happening to young girls is life changing for someone so young and that we should help them.

    This exposure to the day to day life of young girls around the world is something that I myself and many others should all be aware of. I am intrigued by the article and the small film at the end of the article was really interesting. Young girl married at 11+ with an older man is pretty shocking, I have to say. The thing that also caught my eye was that many of these girl were having premature babies and that the hospital isn’t fully equipped to help out with certain issues, if any. Overall, this article is something you might want to have a look at and find out more on the organization, where I put in the link above. And also recommend watching the short film that is in end of the article. The article also kind of reflected on me, specifically on the hospital thing, I want to study in Medicine, however not sure what kind of doctor. So this made me think maybe I can work something having to do with babies or that sort of thing- just a little personal connection.

  7. ​The Beatles in their album, Abbey Road talks about the true naming of the album, was simply the name of the management.In fact, the name of the album camed from the street they were on that time but infact the name of the original name of the album Abbey Road was suppost to be Everest.Everysingle word that it said on the songs had a deep meaning and is still one of the favorite albums now days that the beattles had got.For example, Jhon’s Lemon’s,”Come together” was actually written for Timothy Leary who was a LSD experimentalist,and decided to run for Governor of California.The campaign slogan,”Come Together, Join-The Party” had to do with te drug.At the end,Leary wasn’t happy with the song lyrics and decided against it, which triggered John to add the song to the album Abbey Road.

    ​I think i agree with the people that said that the Abbey Road album was a great one because me and my mom like the Beatles song and we like to lisen to them just cause there songs are really nice and the lyrics are really expressive in a positive way.

    In the article “Survivng the nazis, only to be jailed by America”, Eric Lichtblau talks about the historical, and the truth of what happened after the Jews were freed from the nazis. American troops were the ones to find the camps and set the Jews free but what happened next was shocking. Jews were again sent to camps where they stayed when they were trying to figure out where they would go. Earl Harrison was sent to Europe to inspect the camps. What he found was that the Jews were living in the same conditions as the nazis had them but the difference was that they were under American military guard. Lichtblau argument of Americans not making life better for the victims was backed up by victims who spoke up of being abandoned by America and the whole world. The purpose of Lichtblau is to tell the truth of what Jews really went throught after being set free. He sets this to his viewers who are people in America and also the government to see that the Jews deserve a break from all the unfair treatment and always suffering.

    This article really caught my attention because the history of Jews has always fascinated me. Knowing what happened to them during world war 2 makes me really upset. Reading the article made me more upset because after being freed their lives were still horrible. I wish america could have helped more like improving Jews lives and giving them what they deserve after what they lived, a better life. Treating them with respect and special because they were survivors of something horrible that no one deserves to experience.

  9. In his article ” Surviving the Nazis, Only to be Jailed by America Eric Lichtblau describes the historical event at Auschwitz where world leaders came together to mark the freeing of the concentration camp. But Eric also goes into depth about what followed the Holocaust survivors and in his article talks of the cruel reality of what liberation meant for them. An example of this was Jews remaining behind fences in displaced persons camps, Harrison a former immigration official wrote President Harry S. Truman “we appear to be treating the Jews as the Nazis treated them except we do not exterminate them. This shows how Americans understood once facing the conditions of the D.P. camps the way the liberators treated the liberated

    Eric’s article make me think of how not all ordeals are done even though your survive them. Also that once helped you can only depend on yourself because those that you thought to be your helpers will only disappoint you in the end.

  10. Benjamin Fraticelli

    Cultural Literacy Project
    period 3

    John villasenor, a professor of electrical engineering and public policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. Wrote that having cars that can drive themselves are wonderful things, and they need to be used. He states that by using cars that can drive themselves would help keep people safe, for example the antilocking brakes have saved many lives. So technology can help prevent accidents. He states that these vehicles will be high sophisticated. John Villasenor wrote this article as an argument to give his opinion on the on going debate, whether automated cars should be used.

    Personal Opinion
    I like this article, John Villasenor is a reliable source because he is an electrical engineer at UC Los Angeles, which is a great school. So he knows what he is talking about, he also brings up some very good points, and he supports his claims with evidence that technology can help save peoples lives.

  11. George Lucas, the famous film director of the movie star wars, argues that people can change the course of history. Lucas shows this by having Luke Skywalker defeat over 1000 empire stormtrooper on his own. Lucas’ purpose is to make people believe that people can indeed change history in order to make kids smile and believe that they can do anything no matter what people say. He convinces his audience and viewers that if you believe in yourself then anything is possible.

    I personally thoght that the movie was an overal success and that if you believe in yourself no matter what people say that anything you do is possible and worth the work. Another thing i thought was interesting was the way the movie was made and how it was made.

  12. Anangelica Monroy

    Erykah Badu in her inspiring album, New Amerykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War emphasized mainly on african-american community including topics of poverty, urban violence, complacency, and cultural identity.Erykah starts off her list of messages with the song Amerykahn Promise, she voices rights promised and the false American Dream making people free but they actually steal and suck them dry of all their freedom leaving them with almost nothing. Another influential song The Cell spoke of the tableau of crime, drugs, and desperation in urban decay,streamlined by a stark story about Brenda, a character who falls victim to her environment and ends up in jail .Erykah’s purpose for this album is to openly speak on her perspective of how african-americans are looked as in the world and the hardships they endure throughout the hatred of America’s unforgiving ways .She gives you the perception of how faith is questioned because of America and her album is to intensify the reality of the fault in our system .Her audience is intended to be all who can relate,and for those who can’t to be informed of the other side of the american dream .
    I personally LOVE this artist and her impression that is left on people who listen to her for the first time.When I hear a song I know I’m receiving a message along with it .This album touches on everything relatable to people in my generation and my community. I have listened to all of her albums because of my aunt and mom but I can easily find myself downloading her album on my own , the fact that I am able to understand what she means helps me stay grounded and not be oblivious to the reality of my surroundings.

  13. Rhetorical Précis:
    Andrew Wyeth, in his painting, Christina’s World (1948), implies that even though Christina was crippled it did not stop her from reaching her destination. Wyeth supports her implications by presenting a woman on the ground crawling towards the rural house. The artist’s purpose is to never give up and keep pushing because it’s more mental than physical.
    Personal Commentary:
    I feel like the artist made this for anyone that is feeling like giving up and to show them that giving up should not be an option because you might be closer to your goal than you realize. No matter how much pain you go through keep pushing because the end result will remind why you didn’t give up.

  14. Vincent Van Gogh, in his painting Starry Night, represents the hopes and dreams of the average person. The color pallet consist of soothing colors to create a peaceful aura and the calm city and beautiful stars are what give the painting a representation of success and achievement. His purpose is to show the audience that peace and tranquility can represent success and something as simple as looking into the night sky can calm the soul. He grasps the audience with the tranquility and style of his painting and uses a simple idea to soothe the audience, as well as creates a sort of call to action saying that looking into the stars can be as peaceful as his painting

    I like the style that the artist uses to create a certain kind of flow throughout the painting . The directions in which he painted shouldn’t have been made any other way.

  15. EmilioJulianPeriod3

    Editorial Board, the popular board composed by 19 journalists, in its article “The horrors keep coming at Rikers” argues against the about the abusement that is happening to the prisoners at the city jail system at Rikers Island. Editorial Board shows the reality of what is happening at the jail system of Rikers island in which stories are occasionally giving discomfort to the readers that read it.The purpose of the article is to show the audience the realities and the mind blowing facts of a typical prisoner at Rikers jail system in order to give the reader the true images of what the Rikers jail system is usually viewed at. The article informs the audience with the rights and wrongs from the Rikers jail system to illustrate a better understanding of how a jail system should really operate.

    Personal Commentary: Overall i really liked reading the article and focusing on what it is arguing about. It gave me a better understanding about the reality of what jail systems are actually doing to prisoners and shows a really good argument on why abusement is such an important situation especially for a prisoner.

  16. George Lucas in his Sci-Fi film “Star Wars” Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi knight, a cocky pilot, a wookie and two droids to save the universe. Lucas shows how a kid goes from living with a foster family to and academy to help saving the death star from being destroyed. His purpose is to give the audience something new and interesting to watch. Lucas’ intended audience are sci- fi lovers.
    I thought this movie had an interesting start and had a lot of interesting action

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