Cultural Literacy Assignment Week Five Period 3


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    Taylor Swift, a widely known pop artist, in her album 1989 mentions her exes and explains what happens in the end of every relationship she had because the media has portrayed her as a crazy person. The artist’s songs each describe a romantic scenario, including either a bad ending just like the one in, Shake it off, or a good ending in, New Romantics. Her purpose of this whole album was to make fun of the media for the reasons that I mentioned earlier by exaggerating her lyrics in, Blank Space, but also delivers a dose of romantic songs to its listeners. The artist alters the views of her lyrics by adding meaningful words that bestows the listeners with thoughtful and deep significant lyrics.

    To be honest, I was not at first a Taylor Swift fan until I heard my sister play her songs. I listen to her songs on the radio and think about the lyrics everytime. They are beautifully expressed with many emotional feelings. Her songs aren’t just really catchy tunes, they are a work of art with deep meanings.


  2. Benjamin Fraticelli

    Cultural Literacy Project
    Benjamin Fraticelli
    Period 3

    Beethoven, one of the most known composers, during his time, as well as the twenty first century. One of his most common pieces is his fifth symphony, however he wrote many brilliant pieces of music. I enjoy his music because he starts out slow, and begins to pick up the pace, and still keeps it enjoyable, he doesn’t overpower any of the instruments, but uses them wise, and play their strengths, and manages to play down the symphony in a very mellow way. He was brilliant in the way he did this, and many people throughout history enjoy his music. His purpose was to create wonderful music that people would enjoy.

    Personal Thoughts
    I really enjoyed his ninth symphony, It had a very upbeat rhythm. I hadn’t heard this symphony yet, but I’m glad that i did. It was a relaxing piece that was well designed, and well executed .

  3. Alejandra Figueroa

    In the article ” Yes, California, there is a death penalty” by Debra J. Saunders explains that they want to use the lethal injection as the punishment of people that committed several crimes. They believe that the lethal injection is the best way to kill someone but in fact they want to use the injection because its easier to use, less pain, and cheap. The authors purpose is to show that some people are advocating for lethal injections in order to put away criminals to get revenge for the pain the criminals put the victims thought. The audience for this article is the prisoners.

    Personal Commentary:
    In my opinion they should enforce the death penalty more to insure that people won’t commit a crime. Even though they trying to put away the criminals with the injecting I believe that anyone that commits a serious crime or several crimes should be punished with the electric chair not the lethal injection . I think that they should go through the same pain as the person they harm/killed. We should not have moric for them.


  4. In the article,A federal bid to save monarch butterflies,by The San Francisco Chronicle, the author begins by giving a brief description of the federal government’s plan to save monarch butterflies.The author then attempts to shock readers by informing of them of the steep decline in the monarch butterfly population.The author then discusses the budget of the plan and then moves on to explaining why the remove of milkweed has impacted the butterfly population.The point of this article is to spread awareness of the butterfly population decline and to encourage readers to plant milkweed.

    I did not know much about this issue before hand. I knew there was a drop in the Monarch butterfly population,but i did not know it was this severe. After reading this article i asked my parents if they were willing to plant some milkweed in our backyard,they agreed. I hope that other readers will make a contribution to the effort too.

  5. Anangelica Monroy


    Andrew Wyeth, an american artist in his painting, Christina’s World tells you a story of a young woman who is fragile to the world. Wyeth has the landscape of a rugged place and only has two other objects besides the women itself .It’s not like an idolization but more of a secluded vision of his ideals of this sick woman . He emphasizes her appearance by being very descriptive amongst her physical traits and giving her a more powerful ora despite her stance you can sense a strength within her, spiritually of course . Andrew’s purpose was to show a spiritual strength within the woman despite her low strength physically due to the virus polio that made her cripple . It reminds me of the message of beauty within one’s self and how it will always be with you even when you are sick or old , that beauty can never leave you .I think the audience he is trying to reach is the one that can understand this virus and he wants them to see a beauty in her downfall that outshines her sickness .

    I loved this specific piece of art because without the description I would have gotten the same result of what my thoughts were making up of the painting .I believed that the woman was empowered within despite her obvious longing to get up and go to the shack in the back .It’s a very beautiful message that is being portrayed .

    Source :

  6. week 5
    Dorothea Lange, the female photographer.In her picture she posted the “Migrant Mother in Nipoma California”he captured a lady with 3 kids that problably camed from another country to look for a better life for her and her kids.I thhink Dorothea Lange wanted to take a picture or to post them or show them to people how immigrant people would look like and also so they could see what a mother would do for her kids “want a better life for them”.Her purpose is not to only show them is also so other people could realize how people from other countries live like and how some other countries threat the oersons that lived there.Problably Dorothea would connect to this picture or whent something familiar like this immigrant women with 3 kids or even she likes to help immigrant people who come to oter states for a better life.

    This image talks a lot of some mexican people would do for their kids.My grandparents could relate to this picture except with kids because they did not brought kids to the United States because they left them in mexico to work here and send them money for school,food and other things were needed in there house.I think this picture could mean a lot to other people amd they might connect because problably they would do or did the same thing for their kids.

  7. EmilioJulianPeriod3

    Joe Nocera, the journalist, in his article “Scientology’s Chilling Effect” talks about a reporter named Richard Behar and how he would do weird things like keeping a secret phone and having a special lock on his door usually things that made Joe think he was paranoid. After thinking that Bahr was paranoid Joe found out that Bahr was followed by private detectives which sort of give the explanation on why he would do weird things.The purpose of the article was to give the reader a description of what journalist like Richard Behar have to go through to achieve their goals as a journalist in order to make the readers have a clear image of journalism. Joe Nocera establishes a relationship with the audience by sharing information and details about journalists and their ways in publishing articles and and also sharing what Scientology brings to people’s minds.

    Personal Commentary: The article was good to read and had great details about Scientology which was also interesting to read about. The article gave good reasons about why Joe Nocera was interested in the articles he chose to read about and about why he was eager to share it with the rest of the world.

  8. Chidubem Muata

    Rhetorical Precis:
    In the movie, Forrest Gump, directed by Robert Zemeckis, shows the life of a disabled boy all the way ‘till he is a young man. Zemeckis shows Forrest’s life experience from being bullied as a boy to being a major influence in people lives. His purpose for the movie was to portray that you can do anything you want as long as you believe in yourself. The movie can be for anyone that has a lack of hope in one’s self and need that extra motivation or push.
    Personal Commentary:
    I personally like the movie because of the meaning it has behind it. To never give up on yourself and true love because you never know what you’ll be missing until it’s gone. Although someone may have a disability that doesn’t mean they are less capable it just means they have to work harder than others to accomplish things.

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