Cultural Literacy Assignment Week Seven Period 3


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  1. In “Of Rats, Gerbils, and Men”(2/27/15), by Elizabeth Kolbert, gives an introduction of how historians argue that the black rat was not a major source of the Black Plague but fleas and the rise and downfall of diseases, however explains that climate change can also help spread diseases. Kolbert gives an example that virus carrying mosquitoes can live longer in warmer temperatures and survive in more places beyond the equator. Coming back to the black rats, the climate back then made it suitable for them to survive, plus giving out a point to global warming and adding another factor that supports it.

    Personally this article really helps me for my future career to solve one of the biggest problems we are facing: global warming. Since I’m in the green academy, i know global warming is very bad change of Earth and learned that it affects species such as disease carrying pest we don’t want to live with us (nor terminated).


  2. Anangelica Monroy


    Victor Lonzo Fleming was an American film director, cinematographer, and producer. His movie “The Wizard of Oz”( 1939) was about a teenager named Dorothy who ran away and came back in the midst of a tornado that caused her to go unconscious. She experiences a hallucination that puts her in an alternate universe, in order for her to get home she must follow a yellow brick road to Emerald city.On her way she encounters 3 characters that I noticed referred back to what her family was saying about her not having a brain made of hay and not having any courage .As the story comes to a closing , the wizard gives them symbols to represent their courage,heart,and brain . Although, these were materialistic things and they did always have these qualities it reassured them that they had it all this time . I think Fleming was trying to say that friends make all your qualities come out and make you a better person , that you can feed off one another’s strengths to boost your weaknesses .The intended audience was probably family oriented so it can be for the enjoyment of children and the wake up call for parents to teach their children about the company they keep .

    I think I’m thinking too much about a deeper meaning to this movie , if you know what I mean . The company you keep do bring out either the best or the worst qualities in you .And her family was not encouraging but putting her down making her seem below what she really is , and her having those friends, not only helped them but her aswell . I think this was an interesting message that I probably looked too much into.


  3. Benjamin Fraticelli

    Cultural Literacy Project
    Period 3
    West Side story was a play that was formed later into a movie, the writer of the play was Arthur Laurents. Laurents did many different things, he was wrote scripts for Radio station, and then training films for the Army, but eventually turned to writing many broadway hit, like his spin on Romeo & Juliet into his play, West Side Story. The story begins with two gangs in New York, the Sharks, and the Jets. These gangs are rivals, but two a former member of the sharks falls in love with the sister of the Jets leader, and she feels the same way about him. I think that Laurents purpose for writing West Side Story was that nothing new or interesting was coming out in the 1950’s. So he decided to bring something as classic as Romeo & Juliet and to bring it to “modern” time, so people could understand and relate to the story. This also ties into who the intended audience is, I would think that the audience would be the more common man. The story takes place in New York, in a Blue collar community, this allows people to be able to relate to the Romeo & Juliet story that usually they don’t read, or watch, and potentially don’t understand it. This will increase the popularity amongst the common man, and make it into what it is today.

    Personal Commentary
    I loved the movie, I think that it was done great. I did like the book/Play better, because the book/Play is usually better than the movie, however they did manage to capture the essence, and feel of the book/Play. The songs did get a little weird, but that’s common because it was written in 1950, and it was based off a play that was written in 1597. I did enjoy the movie, and highly recommend it to those who have not seen it.

  4. Jordan Hankston

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Directed by John Hughes, Is a about a group of high school kids having a day of fun before graduating. Ferris Bueller can basically get away with anything he wants to, so he creates a plan that allows him and his friends go hang around Chicago. The Whole point of this trip to Cheer up Ferris’s friend Cameron, who has problems dealing with his father, and as side effect of this relationship, problems dealing with anything that could potentially get him in trouble. This movie uses hilarious comedy as a sort of outer layer to drive home the moral of the movie, which is that you might not always be able to live up to everyone’s expectations and laws as it could make your life bland. The intended audience of this movie is anyone who loves comedies and anyone who can relate to the feeling of being forced to uphold a standard.

    Personally this is my favorite 80’s comedy! No matter how many times i watch this movie i can’t seem to ever stop laughing at the same sections.

    Ben sharpsteen, a director of a popular fairy tale, portrays true love and jealousy in his animated film, Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, by expressing a mother’s jealousy for her daughter. He starts off this tale by the Queen’s lust for beauty and desire to have the most of it, she puts her daughter into a deep sleep that could be broken by a true love’s kiss. In order to display his purpose, he has a thoughtfully created plot and scenario. He grabs the viewer to a plot twisting movie.

    I used to watch this movie all of the time when I was a kid. The story was interesting and I loved the personalities that the director gave to the dwarves. That made me feel like they had a purpose being in the film. I really enjoyed watching this movie again after five years of not seeing it.

  6. Alejandra Figueroa

    In the article of STOCK MARKET CRASH OF 1929 is about the Black Thursday that brings the roaring twenties to a screaming halt, ushering in a world-wide an economic depression. In the article it tells us in the early 1920’s the banks were spending money that they didn’t had and when they lost all the money the people decide to take their money but it was impossible because the bank didn’t had the money to give the people their money this cause many problems in the society. People didn’t had money to support themselves or families needs because they had lost all their money. In 1933 about 4 thousand banks had close down due to the amount of money they lost and this cause people to lose all their saving they had in the bank. The stock market crash had cause economic problems for example low wages, the proliferation of debt, a struggling agricultural sector and an excess of large bank loans that could not be liquidated. The audience for this article is the banks and any person that have their money in any bank.

    Personal Commentary :
    This article was really interesting to me because it shows that we should not trust banks with our money. This was a big historical event in the early 1920’s because not only affected the banks it also affected the people that lost all their money. If it were to happen now, it will be frightening now because we have a complex society.


  7. Mgmt a band with two guys made an album released in 2008 called “Oraculat Spectaculator.” The two guys are lead singer Benjamin and Andrew. In their album they sing about love, life, and other things that get you thinking. They make this album with a very different rhythm more like hippie and pop very different, what they wanted. The purpose of the album being the way it is, is because they wanted to make the listers feel relaxed with the rhythm they added and enjoy the music. The audience is most likely people who like music that is very different, for instance the rhythm of the songs, that is very calm and have meaning.
    Personal commemtary:
    I love this album! This album is very different from what is popular today! It’s very hippie but at the same time with mixtures of other kind except hip pop or rap. The rhythm of the songs are really nice and soft. The lyrics are kind of hard to understand but when looking closely at what they mean it’s very good vocabulary! Some of the lyrics are like poems which I love! Mgmt did a really amazing job with this album!

  8. Rhetorical Precis: staff, author of the article Pearl Harbor, informs us of the events that took place in pearl harbor and the actions that caused it. In a historical view the History staff shows us how Japan’s aggression towards China in acquiring Manchuria caused America to enact a series of trade embargo’s and economic sanctions against Japans belligerent acts. This forced the Japanese into two options; they would either have to repair relations with the U.S to continue the flow of supplies or it would find supplies somewhere else by seizing possessions in the pacific. Instead the sanctions only made the Japanese more determined towards their imperialistic expansionism. In a surprise attack the Japanese attacked Pearl harbor naval base on the coast of Hawaii killing military and civilians. This act by Japan to cease Americas involvement in their sphere of influence only caused Americans to unite and declare war on Japan and its intervention in a World War.

    Personal Commentary:
    I think this article was particularly interesting as it shows the causes of war and it also reminds of the hostile activities that are happening in the world between the U,S. All in all this article showed me how one act of war can unite millions of people under one goal in their country.

  9. Neftaly Rivera

    Marisol Escobar, an artist from Venezuelan, born France in her painting “The Family”(1962) implies that she should paint painted wood, sneakers, door knob and plate, three sections. I think she painted that because it shows that a family needs to be united together no matter what the situation is. The artist purpose is to let people know that a single mom can do it her own with her children. This mother probably went through a lot of things in the past. Now she has children and has to do it her own without a father them. Her purpose of painting that family was not only because it shows the mother being successful on her own. Escobar is showing that she feels bad that they went through poverty and hungriness. The painter establishes that her audience should not worry of being on their own whether you are a father or mother.

    Commentary: I feel that the painter Marisol Escobar point is that family is the most important in life. A mother cannot do it on her own but a mother will success with her children. Some mothers do not even care about their own children but themselves

  10. Rhetorical Precis:
    In the article “9/11 Attacks” the author explains what happened September 11, 2001 and how it happened. The author tells how the terrorists hijacked the plane to the plane crashing and all the destruction that it caused. The purpose of this article is to recap the incident that occurred and to prevent it from happening again. The intended audience is everyone because it could’ve of been anyone of us on those planes.
    Personal Commentary:
    I know what it means to lose a loved one, so when I read this article I knew a lot of families were mourning over the death of their family member and others that lost their life.

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