Cultural Literacy Assignment Week Eight Period 3


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    Terrance F. Ross, a curious author, in his article “The Death of Textbooks?” Discusses about the decreasing need of textbooks and the increasing use of technology to replace them. Ross starts his article by talking about how he gathered his information and explains how textbooks are dying. His purpose of this article is figure out if textbooks are going to disappear, in order to show the death of textbooks he researches the consumption of textbooks in the past and present. He informs his viewer whom may be students and professors to show the necessity of textbooks.

    I feel like this is true because you could get the textbook online. Some of the textbooks I receive from my courses don’t actually get used. I think textbooks are dying and newer technology is replacing it.


  2. Robert Sasada

    Jazmine Hughes, a blogger for NY Times, brings up an article in which she talks about relationships over the internet. She develops her point by bringing up a real life situation for her it was a party and she describes on how she created ties with certain people over the internet. She creates the thought of someone who she saw once at a bookstore who looked interesting to her and she struck up a conversation and even after she left they continued to have a constant bond with each other over the internet. She brings up a good point that the internet is not a bad thing and that we are moving the correct way socially.

    Personal comment
    I like this article a lot as it talks about the constant debate whether the internet is actually making us more anti social or it is making us more social creatures. I agree with this article as humans are social creatures that demand to have connections with other people and the internet is a revolutionary idea for people as it makes it easier for people to communicate with one and other over a screen.

  3. In the article: “ Protest After Police in Wis. Kill Unarmed 19-Year-Old Black Suspect” (3/7/15) Scott Neuman explained how a fatal shooting of a cop brought a spark in communities to gather together and protest about it. The victim of the shooting was Tony Robinsons, young black male who was shot multiple times by a police, stated one of the witnesses. As a result, the protesters began to block up streets and chant “black lives matter” near where the shooting takes place.

    Personally i think police, especially the ones who are on patrol, should not have the right to shoot at any suspect with a lethal weapon without knowing the suspect or just right on the spot. Police overall should not use brutal force on a single individual in any circumstances unless if its a major life or death situation that can affect a community.


  4. The singer Shakira on the album “The Best of Inc” on this album she claims some of her old and most popular songs.One of the song that she has on this album is the one from The World Cup 2010 aka Waka Waka (this time for africa) which was one of her most popular sing that was still keep on playing when the world cup was over, even though she has more amazing songs.Of course she wouldn’t be famous if none of her fans would listen to them also she has a song that talks about people being fat which she really doesn’t talk about it that much, also theres a song who she had to fight for because a guy sued her because her song had almost the same lyrics and she had lost and had to pay the guy money since she did use some of the same lyrics.Shakira on this album wants people to look at her like a normal woman and she doesn’t have anything special.

    I could connect a lot with Shakira by some of her songs not just by the lyrics just for the things she does for people who really need it also one of her song i could relate to it talks about a youth person that talks about a crazy life and i just like that song a lot because it could relate to a lot it just because they’re young people and that want to live that crazy life and some cant live it the way they want to.

  5. Jordan Hankston

    In the movie, Star Trek Nemesis, directed by Stuart Baird, The newest iteration of the Enterprise (NCC 1701-E) is summoned to the Romulan homeworld on a diplomatic mission. But when Enterprise arrives things are not as they seem, their leader is human! This movie (like many other star trek movies) uses the Hero’s journey as a way to jump start the plot. The Enterprise bridge crew is celebrating a wedding when Starfleet request’s their help,When the Enterprise investigates the plot begins to unravel. I believe the meaning of the movie is this, even if hatred and pain has dominated your life, do not force that hatred and pain upon others as it will only come back to haunt you. The intended audience of this movie is anyone who can relate to being verbally or physically assaulted by a person who is hurt. It also appeals to anyone who enjoys scifi-action movies.

    I love this movie because of the shock factor, but i was horrified at the damage to the Enterprise- E due to the enemy vessel, often find myself asking where the other fifty thousand starfleet ships are at this time.

  6. Historic Article

    Rhetorical précis:
    In this article the staff talks about Hitler and how he came to power in the World War 2 by asserting his points about the history of the Nazis and what they did during this time. The author develops his argument by talking about the start of the Nazis and how they became the threat we know them as today. The reason for this article is not to show how the Nazis is a big threat but to also show that they were just trying to bring Germany back to normal through the leadership of Adolph Hitler but has also many conflicts in the process. The intended audience for this article is anyone that might have an interest in world or United States history.
    Personal Commentary:
    In my opinion I find this article really interesting because it shows how brutal the ideology of the Nazis is and how they wanted to just bring Germany back to normal and to recover from the previous World War but ended up starting another World War. Also how the Allies “purified” Germany of the Nazis to make sure another up roar of their ideology won’t spread.

  7. Anangelica Monroy


    In the article Loosing Selma’s Civil rights Legacy by Jamelle Bouie he speaks on the ongoing milestones african americans make that are supposed to make a more defined community that accept them without any more battles for their rights.Bouie reminds me of the battle in Selma fifty years ago that Martin Luther King led to give african americans their voting rights, he then discusses the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era that is now morphed into the Redemption era . He calls it the Redemption era because they are fighting back more viciously not afraid of the consequences because they aren’t as horrid as in the 1950’s .Jamelle’s purpose for this piece is to show that ten years after the movement not much has changed and we are still fighting the same battle that was fought in the civil war due to the strain and the divide of the republican and democratic party left from the government in 2010. His intended audience seems to be the people , not all people but those who care on what’s going on in the world and the improvement of our system here in America

    I think that this article was very informative and he took it way deeper than I would have. It reminded me a bit of my father’s words because the news I watch every night doesn’t talk about this , you have to watch boring news or be active in finding real results to hear story updates like this. I found it very strongly opinionated and I assume that the journalist writing this article must have experienced something like this first hand to seem so confident in his piece and the facts that he stated.


  8. Alejandra Figueroa

    Week 8
    In the article of PROHIBITION is about the 18th Amendment, which banned the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors, for state ratification in the early 1900’s. This increase the illegal production and sale of liquor (known as “bootlegging”), the proliferation of speakeasies (illegal drinking spots) and the accompanying rise in gang violence and other crimes led to waning support for Prohibition by the end of the 1920s. The 18th Amendment was to stop all of that but it didn’t. This was a huge problem for the government because they lost a lot of money by not selling liquor. Many people lost their jobs by the 18th Amendment that didn’t allow the sale or buy liquor. In early 1933, Congress adopted a resolution proposing a 21st Amendment to the Constitution that would repeal the 18th ending the Prohibition era. The audience for this article is the government and business owners.

    Personal Commentary:
    I personally think that the 18th Amendment was a good idea to keep people out of trouble.The 18th amendment was important because it removed gangs and illegal activities. I can relate to this article because to this day I see people drinking and getting into trouble. We should in force a law to keep people form drinking so we can have a safe place to live


  9. In September 9 2001 in New York city the twin towers were attacked by terrorist. History channel informs us about the event that occurred that Tuesday morning. They talk about how an Islamic group carried out suicide attacks and how they attacked 5 times in different parts of the u.s. The purpose of making this article is because it is important to the United states to never forget the day they went under attack and thousands of innocent people died. To the audience who is mainly the people who live in the u.s, people like the president, very high people in the government to be aware of this terrible event that will be remembered in the u.s history forever to prevent from ever happening again, to be aware and to prevent.
    Personal statement:
    I was not aware of this when it occurred but now that I am older and I understand it hurts and scares me to know people do this but also opens my eyes to how people are in this world. I think this is very important to the u.s history because it opened our eyes to being more secure to what could happen. 9-11 will never be forgotten and we must keep it alive forever to not let it happen ever again to anyone arounfpd the world.

  10. The staff, author of the article, Invention of the PC, tells us of how today’s computers were largely different from that of the 1970s which were huge, hulking machines that came from world war II. They then continue to inform us on how the use of computers have grown over the years from not being able to perform very useful tasks to being able to be used at home, work, and even personal use. Lastly the staff then goes on to tell us that the PC revolution further spread the peoples interest on computers.
    Opion; In my opinion I believe that the invention of the computer and its evolution over the decades had and will continue to have a lasting impact on human society as a whole.

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