Cultural Literacy Assignment Week Nine Period 3


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    In their famous and widely known movie, “King Kong”, Merian C Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack asserts that people and animals can have a special bond and that they care for each other. The producers start to make their point when they make Ann and King kong friends, they start to build a relationship and later he protects her from a T-Rex. Their purpose of the film was to show that people and animals can have mutual feelings in order to care for each other. The producers shows its audience truth and affection.

    I have seen the latest King Kong film but never the original one. I liked this movie, it showed me how a monster like King Kong can show affection to human and vice versa. In the end when King Kong dies, there was a quote that said “It was beauty that killed the beast.” The planes didn’t kill him, it was Ann going up the tower to see him. This was a good movie, the atmosphere in the movie was great. There was a lot of wildlife in the early part of the movie.

  2. Jordan Hankston

    In this work,a German artist going by the name of Elone combats sexism by putting up maxi pads around her city with the quote “What if men were as disgusted with rape as they are by periods” this was posted by a twitter user whose post went viral a year prior to the project. Elone uses the maxi pads as a sort of attention grabber to get the public to pay attention to her cause. Her cause being to increase awareness of sexism and men from taking the traumatic nature of rape with a grain of salt.This piece of art is directed at a portion of the male population who think rape jokes are funny, this artwork is an attempt to make them think about their morals and if joking about something as severe as rape is really funny.

    I do agree with this artist to some degree, there are indeed men who joke about rape. But i think she is pushing it to say all men are not disgusted by rape.

  3. Rhetorcial Précis:
    The “Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki” states the situation during World War II that led to the bombing on the two cities of Japan. The author starts the article off with the amount of civilians that were killed from the atomic bomb and what role the Manhattan Project played in World War II(WWII). The purpose of this article is to inform the viewers about what went on during WWII and the creation of the atomic bomb. The intended audience is anyone who is interested in the history of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or of Japanese descent.
    Personal Commentary:
    The article was very informing, but I always think what if? When I read about the history of wars I always think why the countries apart of the war couldn’t make an agreement. Instead of all the bloodshed war creates. Imagine how many lives could’ve been saved, but instead were taken too early.

  4. Apocalypse Now is an action movie Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The movie was base on the war between the United State and Vietnamese. The main character of the movie was a man named Willard who was sent on a dangerous mission into Cambodia to assassinate Col. kurtz. Kurtz was a Commander for the U.S that had run away from the U.S army and they were looking for him to kill him. The thought that he was a threat to the army because he knew too much information about the army.The director of the movie is trying to tell us the message of the movie is if you work for the U.S army and if you know too much information or have a high status in the army they would eliminate you for the safety of the United State and the government . The audience for this would be soldiers in the U.S army.

    I really enjoy this movie because I love action movies. Even though it was a 1779 film this was one of the best action movie I have ever seen. This movie was interesting to me because I have a family member in the army.

  5. Benjamin Fraticelli

    Cultural Literacy Project # 9
    Movie (Forrest Gump)
    Benjamin Fraticelli
    Period 3

    Robert Zemeckis, director of Forrest Gump, and holder of several oscars for best director. Robert Zemeckis has indeed directed many wonderful movies such as Back to the Future another wonderful film. Forrest Gump is about a mentally challenged male’s life, as a football star, a war veteran from Vietnam, and a shrimp boat captain. This is an inspiring story that had many different components to it that made it a wonderful film. The film is a great film for any person, no matter the age, ethnicity, social background, etc.

    Personal Opinion
    I really enjoyed this film, i think the story was great, and it was executed perfectly. Its the winner of many awards, and is still one of the best films i’ve seen in my life, and would highly recommend it to anyone who has yet to see this masterpiece

  6. An English rock band called The Smiths, and in their album, “The Smiths”, released on February 20, 1984, portrays a solitude, “feeling blue”, reflection theme of the mind behind Marr’s songwritting, innovated by Morrissey’s crooning and lyrics. In the album, it tells about unconventional topics such as homosexuality ( in one track, “Hand of Glove”), to child molestation and to murder, displaying an ironic, witty, and literal viewpoint of disaffections of youth. This means that his experience when he was young that were “out of normality” made him of how he is now (all grown up) and showing signs of regret.

    Personally i really love listening and playing on my guitar some songs from this album. I know someone who went in the same shoes as Morrissey did when they were no older than 13, and that made me listen to more of The Smiths and even got me more into Indie.


  7. Anangelica Monroy


    Forrest Gump is a 1994 romantic-comedy-drama film based on the 1986 novel by Winston Groom. The film was directed by Robert Zemeckis and starred Tom Hank. Forest Gump follows the life of a boy was under developed up until the age of 8 then started living his life normally with just a lower IQ , he was bullied but his setback didn’t stop his life from being extraordinary .Zemeckis uses the movie to portray Forrest’s life as something completely average through all the eras, he never took the things he had for granted though those around him did.I think the author and director made this story the way they did to show people that are born differently are still human beings with real emotions and shouldn’t be treated differently because they can do everything just as well as we can.The intended audience seems to be those who can relate or those who aren’t informed to be more aware of their judgements .

    I’ve watched this movie before in the 6th grade and did not pay attention to anything , didn’t even think it had a real message behind it , but now that I’m older I can comprehend what the movie is really about , it’s a really great movie with a variety of given emotions . Kinda glad I watched it now .


  8. Paulina Garcia

    Rhetorical Precis:

    Frederic Chopin, (1810- 1849) born in Poland with French and Polish origins was a child prodigy with his first own concert at the age of nine. Chopin composed music pieces mainly with piano. The music he plays shown the strong, intense emotion he has. You can tell by the way the music softens and then intensifies and then softens again. Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 is slow and subtle. He plays slower notes with lower keys and faster notes with higher keys.

    Personal Statement:
    Overall, I really enjoy Chopin’s piano playing, because it really soothes the heart and soul to be quite honest with you. I like the way the artist plays the notes in this melody too. The different speeds and notes can really help to calm stress or just something to listen to on long car rides or too concentrate on something. I would probably listen more of Chopin’s piano playing and maybe some other classical music composers.

  9. Alejandra Figueroa

    The singer Shakira on her album “The Best of Inc”this album she sings some of her old and most popular songs.One of her popular song in this album was the “Waka Waka” W(this time for africa). Which was one of her most popular song,that was still kept on playing on the World Cup 2014. Shakira also has songs that talk about people’s problems for example wrote a song about people being fat which she really doesn’t talk about it that much but she could relate with this people because at one point of her youth she was fat or seen fat. The reason why she wrote this song is because people get bully and would like for people to stop bullying. The audience would be her fans that listen to her music.
    Personal Commentary:
    I personally lover her album because I can or have friends that can relate to some of her songs. I enjoy hearing her album because I grew up listen and dancing to her music. As a Spanish speaker I understand her music lyrics. Shakira is a role model for me and for many other young girls all around the world.

  10. Jaws is a 1975 film by director Steven Spielberg is about a shark that kills many people on Amity island.and 3 men set out to kill the great white shark. The director makes this dramatic because it’s only 3 guys against this huge shark in the the middle of the ocean who are willing to kill it. The directors purpose is to make a movie with action and at the same time scary. He makes the movie very realistic no drastic measures to kill it. How ususally people in a town would deal with a problem of a monster. His intended audience are young and older people, to give them a thrill and action movie that they won’t forget.
    Person commentary:
    I personally love this movie. I first saw this movie in 7th grade and at first it was really scary to me and exciting. Now that it has been a few years later it’s very different for me I see it in a different way. It’s not as scary but if still very exciting for me. This kind of movies I like because no matter what age it’s still a very good movie.

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