Cultural Literacy Assignment Week Nine Period 4


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  1. Staff, Author of the history piece, “The Invention of the Internet”, asserts that many people slowly create bits and parts of Internet. The authors supports this by explaining the sputnik scare, birth of Arpanet, First message being delivered—“Login”, Networks expanding and internet becoming a worldwide network. Their purpose is to talk about the timeline from each small part adding up to the creation of Internet. The intended audience is everyone because everyone is so attached to the Internet now and cannot live without it.

    Reading this article on the creation of the Internet taught me that it wasn’t that simple to invent the Internet. It took many small parts that added up to the creation of the Internet. It started from something small such as sending a message to a couple computers to expanding the networks. I am glad I chose this historical event because Internet is being used in my daily life now.

  2. Rhetorical Précis:
    The editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, in their article, German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact gives information about the treaty signed between Germany and the Soviet Union during the era of World War II. The team of editors develop their article by providing important background of the time period, explaining the relationship between Germany and the Soviet Union, giving an insight on what the treaty encompassed, and writing about the events that followed the signing of the Nonaggression Pact. The editors’ purpose of writing this article is to inform and educate people about one of the most interesting treaties signed during World War II by two important powers of the world at the time. The formal tone used by the editors in this article suggests that it is suitable for a general audience; anyone can learn from reading the article.

    Personal Commentary:
    It’s a little unusual for me to learn about history through reading an article online since I usually learn it through textbooks from history classes. Although I don’t find the article very interesting, I actually learned some fairly interesting things about World War II. After reading this article, I might look more into other articles about historical events, especially articles about World War II. I don’t know much about World War II, but I’ve always found the event very interesting.

  3. Brian Brown, author of the article, The Harlem Renaissance, informs us about poet, Langston Hughes intake on this particular event. He describes how it was one of the most creative periods in U.S. History. All people of color could find who they really were, they no longer had to be ashamed of who they were. Hughes stated that, “Harlem was like a great magnet for the Negro intellectual,”. Blacks were now able to play in the clubs, restaurants, and bars due to the way their music appealed to the white folk. The Harlem Renaissance began what we now know as the Jazz Age. As a whole, during the 1920s, Harlem was where the African American people wanted to be. The audience of this article would be for everyone who is purely interested in a significant section of the lively 1920s.

    Personal Commentary:
    I personally thought that this article was interesting because the viewpoint of Langston Hughes was shown differently. Normally he expresses his feelings through his poetry but, this time we were able to hear what he really believed the Harlem Renaissance to be.

  4. Jerald Quintos

    Music Album

    Rhetorical Precís: The platinum record album “Thriller” by the iconic Michael Jackson implies that a relationship has multiple stages and that love is a beautiful thing that isn’t always easy. Jackson supports this implication by giving evidence throughout the album for example “Thriller” the thrill and honeymoon phase, it’s also “Human Nature” to chase after someone you have feelings for, and the song “The Lady In My Life” is the ending of a relationship; the songs “Baby Be Mine” and “The Girl Is Mine” are complete opposites and shows that there will always be another person intruding in a relationship and you have to fight to win someone’s love. Jackson’s purpose of the album is to show that any relationship takes effort, he shows this in order to prevent people from not trying and taking things for granted. The audience of this album is anyone because anyone can listen to music and relationships are a part of human interaction.

    Commentary: I’ve never listened to the whole album, only a few songs like “Thriller” “Beat It” and “Billie Jean.” The album was very good, I’m glad I chose to listen to it. The flow and the messages in the songs were very good. My dad always liked Michael Jackson and would play some of his other songs through the stereo, and listening to the whole album gave me nostalgia from my childhood.

  5. Salvador Melchor

    Rhetorical precis

    Mary Bellis, in her article “History of the Atomic bomb- The Manhattan Project”

    gives us the events that led to the creation of the atomic bomb.

    Bellis, mentions Albert Einstein, On August 2, 1939, Einstein contacted president

    Roosevelt and told them of their attempts of purifying uranium, which could be used

    to create the bomb. After this the U.S. moved quickly and began the “Manhattan

    Project”, where 2 billion dollars would be poured in and would last 6 years.

    The inventors of this project knew they had created a monster but it was too late to

    take it back, they were soon left out in the blue.

    Mary Belli’s reason for writing this article is to inform people of who was behind the creation of the atomic bomb.


    We are currently going over the events pertaining to World War 2

    and i found the nuclear bomb interesting, so i decided to do a bit more research on it.

  6. Category : Historical Events

    The Great Depression article by suggests that the Great Depression was caused by overwhelming the market with products causing deflation ; this led to a crash in the stock market sent Wall Street into panic and all the investors tried to sell their stocks and now they were worthless. Businesses and banks began to close then soon led to lower consumer spending and investment dropping. The website explains the causes of depression by describing the events in chronological order that led up to the depression. After business and banks were closing, many were jobless and turned to government program relief programs for food. Many were in debt and people lost all their money in the stock market if they invested. The government set out relief agencies to help soften the problem. After a decade, the American economy finally recovers in the industrial production for WWII. The purpose of this article is to present a historical context and to let the world know not to make this mistake again otherwise there will be more depression. The intended audience for this article is people involved in economics and business because this mainly affects them because they’re the ones determining the pathway for where the economy is headed

    This was an interesting article to read even though this is a sad era in the moment of America’s failure in history. I learned that buying off the margin (loans) is a dangerous and risky ieas. The stock market is very unpredictable and it could crash at anytime. I also realized that overproduction leads to inflation which damages the economy because no one would try to spend money for expensively priced goods. This is a lesson for American and other contries of what not to do to avoid recession in their country.


  7. Rhetorical Precis:
    Frida Kahlo, popular Mexican artist in the early 1900s, in her painting, Tree of Hope, Keep Firm (1946), implies that despite the amount of pain you endure, you must be your own hero. Kahlo supports this by painting herself twice in a single painting, one on a hospital bed with open, bleeding incisions on her back and the other Frida sitting up, weeping, holding a pink corset, wearing a dress from her heritage, and holding a flag which says, “Tree of Hope, keep firm”, half of the painting day and the other half night, and the ground of both sides being severely cracked open. The artist’s purpose is to assert that you are the only one who can truly understand your own pain, who can choose your own destiny, and who can be your savior. Kahlo establishes a deep and relatable relationship with her audience, because of having to be her own shoulder to cry on.

    I love Frida’s work, all of it. I grew up with paintings of Diego Rivera around the house, and having to watch Frida’s movie a few times each month. I absolutely admire her strength considering all that she went through, and yet still doing what she loves to do: paint. Each painting reveals something deep about herself or family. I can relate to this picture by having to be there for myself. Being alone is a struggle, especially when no one seems to understand the obstacles you face, which is why Frida Kahlo is one i look up to.

  8. Flamehorse, a historian from, in his article Top 10 Important Events in US History delves into detail about the September 11th attack, and conveying that nothing of its kind can happen again. Flamehorse develops his thesis by first, establishing the setting, and giving background, then by saying no terrorist or american plane will strike again because no terrorist of any culture or motive can ever again be trusted not to kill himself and innocent bystanders for the goal of entering Heaven. He wraps it up by explaining how pivotal 9/11 was for America. The authors purpose is to asses and share the importance of 9/11. The intended audience is american citizens.

    I was in pre-school for the 9/11 attacks, but I remember years later hearing about how scared everyone was. Many conspiracy theories came out after. Its a messed up world out there, and the 9/11 attacks threw our country into economic recession and war.


    Rhetorical Precis:
    Steve Spence’s article, “Cultural Globalization and the US Civil Rights Movement”, brings attention to how the civil rights movement was able to advance into it’s final stages and liberate people of color. Spence does this by focusing on Birmingham, and Sidney W. Symer action’s as he goes from a Dixiecrat politician to a integrationist. Spence’s purpose is to give a man’s ambition and journey in order to explain how movements become successful. Due to the intermediate level of writing used, the author of this article is writing to an audience who knows of the civil rights movement and wants a little bit more background information.

    On Saturday, I participated in another one of Upward Bound’s social cultural workshops. This time it was about cop watching and we had a guest speaker talk about our rights and how we need to remember and use them to our advantage such that the abuse of other’s does not go unnoticed. It was previously explained (though it did not need to be) that the purpose was to enhance the impact of the colored lives matter movement and was an inclusive way for us to participate. I was inspired and a little disheartened, so for this weeks submission I wanted to do a historical writing piece on the previous civil rights movement. I found this article informative and interesting and I wish I could have more time such that I could delve a little deeper on this movement and the movement that is happening right now.

  10. Rhetorical Precis:

    New York Times columnist, David Brooks, in his article “Leaving and Cleaving”, draws attention to how technology is making it difficult for people to move on after leaving or being left. He explains that leaving no longer means distance, but disconnecting because you might leave someone with the intention of starting new somewhere else, but they can still call or email you in seconds which means you two still hold a relationship, just in the form of tech communication. Brooks’ purpose is not only explain how technology keeps people connected when they want to let go, but how people now need to gain more “self-restraint” because moving has now become harder. He brings light to his readers who probably haven’t noticed that this topic he addresses can be relatable to their lives.

    Personal Commentary:

    Being able to communicate through technology does have it’s perks, but it can also be destructive and I never thought of it in that way. It is easy to stay attached when you are trying to let go when you have when you have everyone and everything walking around with you in your pocket. I think we don’t realize that, especially with us teens in particular today. We don’t realize that when relationships or friendships end that in certain ways we are still holding on. When we tweet about how our “best friend” stabbed us in the back or when we text our ex telling them how much we hate them, we might think it’s a step toward moving on but in reality we’re letting these people know they will always be there.

  11. In the movie “Argo”, It’s about how the people of Iran storm the American embassy and start killing them but 6 Americans manage to survive and hide while they try to get help from people back in America. This is supported by the 6 people receiving help from an extractor that goes to Iran to train the 6 to act as if they were his “film crew” and they were just looking at locations for their movie so they can escape back to the US. The purpose is to show that even in the worst situations there’s always a way out and should be optimistic about it. The intended audience would be for adults.

    Commentary: I enjoyed watching this movie because I didn’t realize it was a true story until after the movie and Allison told me. During the movie I was really into it because I didn’t know what was going to happen next whether they were going to get caught or escape but in the end they made it out and I was glad for them. I was surprised that the soldiers didn’t recognize them at the gate and even let them go to the plane after being held and interrogated for a while. It was a great movie to watch.

  12. vanessasaeteurn

    Week 9: Opinion
    Rhetorical Precis
    In his article, “Deadliest Country for Kids”, Nicholas Kristof characterizes the adversities of the country Lubango, Angola, painting attention to the high volume of child mortality that he then implicates the president Jose Eduardo dos Santos is accounted for. Kristof dispenses his personal experiences from visiting clinics in Lubango and first handedly came to the realization that death among young children was an accustomed nature in this country. His purpose was to boost awareness of the endeavors that the people in Lubango, who are not apart of “elites”, were facing in order to bring recognition that dos Santos is neglecting his people and is not fulfilling what is needed to be done.

    Personal Commentary
    The simplest necessities can be easily given. It shocked me that such a wealthy country is letting this tragic matter keep going. So many children are dying before age 5. I am not really surprised that I have not heard about what is happening in this country. The quote, “If I lived in another country, I could still be playing with my daughter,” brings a sense of actuality and I cannot believe such a president is still in office.

  13. Fernando Velasco

    (Movie) (Rocky)It tells the rags to riches American Dream story of Rocky Balboa, an uneducated but kind-hearted working class Italian-American boxer working as a debt collector for a loan shark in the slums of Philadelphia. Rocky starts out as a small-time club fighter who later gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship

    Personal connection
    My personal connection is how hard work at the end it will help you and will give a great push of confidence and the motivation of keep on doing the hard work that took you from being the lowest of the lowest to the highest of the high.

  14. Andy Han........ Life ughhh ... sWag

    Category: Books

    Rhetorical Precis:
    In his 1945 allegorical and dystopian novel, Animal Farm, George Orwell encourages his readers who are citizens under a government to question the actions of this higher authority as well become constantly aware of these same actions. Orwell, in his political satire, creates the setting and characters through a metaphor of animals living on a farm, where pigs take charge and control. His purpose of writing this piece was, at the time, to bring awareness to the rising Communism during WWII but at the same time “poke fun” of the Russian Revolution utilizing the characters of Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Vyacheslav Molotov, and Vladimir Lenin. Orwell’s audience appealed to a wide range of people, due to its timely publication and controversy stirred up, including citizens of nations and those affected by the War.

    This is the best metaphor ever especially in the form of an entire controversial novel. He is incredibly bold for publishing this satire in this point of the War. Orwell does a great job setting the scene of animals as the Pre-Russian Revolution. He moves on to the three younger pigs who take over ultimately starting another Revolution. SEVEN POINTS OF ANIMALISM is pure entertainment. We can see the corruption and exploitation done by the government. Orwell definitely wanted his readers to catch on to this. He stresses the new world order that is created thus making fun of this historical event. The ending was so ironic but predictable. Revolutions are historically proven to end up with totalitarian governments. Orwell seems to “hate” the government as seen in his novel 1984.

  15. Zachary Katzman

    “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption” by Laura Hillenbrand

    Rhetorical Précis: Laura Hillenbrand, in her book Unbroken, addresses the extensive effects that war can have on a person. She follows the story of Louis Zamperini, an American distance runner at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, who is drafted into the military, survives a plane crash, 47 days in a raft in the Pacific Ocean, and several years as a POW in Japanese camps, and returns home changed forever. Hillenbrand aims to show the war’s effects on Zamperini in order to show the deep changes that war causes. She lets readers into the mind of Zamperini, allowing them to keenly picture his story.

    Personal Commentary: This book was fascinating, and it forced me to realize that the things we hear about really did happen. I had heard quite a lot about German concentration camps during World War II, but I had never heard much about the Japanese camps. Many of the things that happen to Zamperini through the story (a true one, by the way) are so gruesome that it’s amazing he survived them. What are even more interesting, though, are the changes that happen to Zamperini after he returns home. He’s lost in his own mind for a while, but he pulls himself out of it and begins to share his story. Experiencing this with him is powerful.

  16. Opinion Ed- Why Not Utopia – Mark Bittman

    Rhetorical Precis

    Mark Bittman, in his article, “Why Not Utopia”, argues that a utopia where robots replace manual labor will be detrimental to society and income inequality will be the biggest issue facing us. Bittman develops his argument through multiple examples of jobs that robots can perform such as “ flipping burgers, taking care of your aging parent, planting, tending and harvesting lettuce, driving cars, delivering packages, building iPhones and running warehouses”; from there, he presents the consequences which includes lower wages, rise in unemployment, and a greater wealth gap. Bittman’s purpose is to show that technological advances may not always be beneficial to humanity in order warn us about how artificial intelligence and robots may cause more harm than good for us. The author develops a formal relationship with the audience in order to effectively persuade and gain support for his arguments.

    Personal Commentary:

    This article presented several interesting perspectives on striving for a utopia and advancing artificial intelligence. Whenever we hear about robots performing extraordinary tasks such as cooking and cleaning, we tend to only see the good side of it which is making human life easier, however, we do not realize the negative consequences that also come with it. Robots will eventually take over jobs that humans once held and although this may benefit big corporations, the working class will suffer the consequences. The low skilled laborers will be the first to experience the consequences because tasks like packaging and cleaning can be easily done by robots, however, the low skilled laborers are the ones that need the jobs the most because they get paid so little and they don’t have the skills to apply for other jobs. Clearly robots and artificial intelligence development should be carefully monitored.

    Guan Li

  17. Rhetorical Précis:
    In the album “A Rush of Blood to the Head” by Cold Play is asserting a mellow and death tone to the music. Cold Play establishes a lot of symbolism in the album to tell a story of a person going through the phases of suicide. Their point of the album is not just to tell a story of a person going through the stages of suicide but to also show the awareness of suicide. The intended audience for this article is the common people to share the awareness of suicide and also show some of the causes of suicide.
    Personal commentary
    I thought the tone of the music was really calming and this isn’t really what I usually listen to but I really liked it. The songs that really popped out to me was the most popular ones “The Scientist” and “Clocks”. “The Scientist” was a really calm song and I thought that it had a really good story about a relationship ending badly and “Clocks” about someone who keeps on trying to achieve a goal but fails and thinks that he or she is a failure drive to suicide.

  18. In his autobiography “Look Me in the Eye” John Elder Robison walks the audience through his childhood struggling with Asperger’s syndrome. Robison, for example, tells in several chapters about his most despised symptom of his autism- involuntarily speaking his mind, or turrets. Robison’s purpose of his autobiography is to reach out to those who may feel like there is something wrong or abnormal with them and to tell them there is nothing wrong with being different or complicated. Robison’s audience is people, especially youth, who are struggling with social issues and self-esteem or diagnosed with diseases or syndromes, especially autism.

    This book really spoke to me. Robison seemed like a normal teenage boy except for his frequent tics and involuntary speaking and noises. It really makes you think about everyone around you; not that everyone is autistic- but that everyone has their own problems, as problems are common among every person. Robison appears so lovable and loved and always has something to give even when everything and everyone around him attempts to bring him down.

  19. Precis
    Robert Wilde, author of the article The Enigma Machine, explains the invention of the machine and its importance during the early twentieth century. The article starts out with the use and origin of the enigma machine. This allows the author to create a smooth transition into the actual function and inner workings of the machine. The article is short, outlining the basics of the machine and a brief history of its use. The purpose of the article is to articulate the complexity of the machine and the code it creates. The intended audience is people who have an interest in early twentieth history, especially history about World War II.

    Personal Commentary
    I enjoyed this article because I recently watched the Imitation Game which sparked my interest in the machine. The article gave me insight into how the machine actually worked and why it was created. I though the article was very informative, but it could have been longer and went more in depth about the history of its use. Overall, i thought it was well written.

  20. Rhetorical Precis

    Mark Bittman in his article “Why not Utopia” implies that a utopia is is not possible as problems are solved and new ones come up. Mark supports his argument by giving examples of future possible conflicts and proceeds to explain how it is caused. Mark’s purpose is to aspire people to become thinkers and dreamers because he thinks they could be our closest chance to a better future. Mark’s intended audience is the teens who actually want to change the world.

    Personal Commentary

    This article is particularly interesting because it concentrates on the bad sides towards a popular belief that it is possible. Also it is interesting to see the plausible problems there might be and where we can improve on.

    Opinion Article:Why Not Utopia
    -Ulysses Gonzalez

  21. Rhetorical Precis
    The movie, Argo, directed by Ben Affleck suggests that people will do whatever it takes to survive by showing Tony Mendez is willing to pretend to film a sci-fi movie to sneak six Americans out of Iran before they’re taken as hostages. The movie develops its plot by showing the Americans seeking protection from the Canadian ambassador, people attempting to come up with extraction plans, and by carrying through with their plan to leave Iran even when it fell through. The purpose is to tell a story during a period of chaos in Iran in order to tell a story that was hidden. The audience of this movie to everyone because it appeals to those interested in action, suspense, and movies loosely based on historical events.

    Personal Commentary
    I really enjoyed this movie because it was very suspenseful and interesting to see how the plot unfolded. However, it is obvious that the movie is not fully accurate to history and that the story was used to create a well made movie. It made it more interesting for me to see how movies manipulate historical events to produce films.

  22. In the article, To Kill a Chicken, Nicholas Kristof exposes the cruelty present in poultry slaughtering as a result of the lack of regulations for poultry, although there are rules on humane slaughter for other animals such as cattle and hogs. Kristof develops his argument by including his personal knowledge of raising chickens as a kid, vivid details of the inhumane chicken slaughtering process, and statistics from the Agriculture Department of how many chickens in the United States are slaughtered incorrectly. In addition, Kristof also brings up a point regarding the morals of the entire situation as it leaves consumers conflicted because they do not want to have animals suffer. Kristof also explains more humane alternatives for slaughtering poultry and how the United States should put those options into action. The purpose of this article is to expose the cruelty of the meat industry towards chickens, similar to what The Jungle by Upton Sinclair did for cattle, to the general public as many people do not think about the slaughtering process while they are enjoying some chicken breast at the dinner table. Kristof’s message reaches out for everyone as people should become more aware of the cruelties that they are supporting by eating chicken.
    Things like this are the reasons why I became a vegetarian six years ago. Animal cruelty is not a joke as many people see it very lightly and justify it by saying, “They are animals, they can’t think.” This article, in addition to the many other articles, groups, and documentaries, is one more step towards a more humane slaughtering process for all animals or a meat free society. Issues like this one are very dear to my heart and it means a lot for Kristof to write an article explaining the situation and educating the public. Animals are in fact intelligent creatures and have emotions and killing them by shocking them, slitting their throats and scalding them while they are hanging upside down on a conveyer belt is not the way to go about the situation.

  23. Rhetorical Precis:
    Felipe Andres Coronel, mostly known as Immortal Technique a cunning controversial rapper asserts all the injustices and speaks on the corruptions of the U.S. government, as well as various controversial topics in his Album Revolutionary Volume 1. The form he does this he talks in each of his song, either the wrongdoings of the government teaching the public how our country came to be. His purpose for this album was to teach the public a thing or two about our country in question of socialism, classism and racism, etc. His audience for this is mainly the whole country, specifically for the working class and people of color, living in hood and people who know the root causes of why we are as we are today in society.
    Personal Commentary:
    I’ve recently discovered this artist, just a week after listening to his music I feel as if all these other rappers are somewhat childish, Immortal technique really speaks on some heavy political and social issues in America. All of his songs he speaks some real stuff, so immediately I liked his style, with chill and cool instrumentals and strong lyrics. Immortal Technique is my favorite artist at the moment for all the controversial stuff he has the balls to say in his music unlike other media and propaganda or music.

  24. Rhetorical Precis

    The movie, West Side Story, implies that sacrifices are needed. Throughout this movie, it was played between two lovers trying to be together while a feud between two gangs prevented their relationship. After the deaths of the two lovers, the gangs realized the consequences of the rivalry and the hate was dissolved. Using West Side Story, the movie portrays a tragedy to imply consequences through gangs and what sacrifices were taken place in order to stop the feud. Throughout this story, it could mainly be presented to just teenagers that are in gangs, possibly elders who are in gang. By showing them these movies, it gives them a chance to see what their actions could lead to in the end.

    Personal Commentary:

    Personally, I did not like this movie. It was too cheesy for me and the plot was too similar to romeo and juliet. Having watched romeo and juliet, it was like rewatching the same movie, but with different people. I did enjoy the musical in the movie though, it made it a little more interesting and some songs did stick to me. It was a movie worth watching despite the cheesiness because, similar to romeo and juliet, it gives a different perspective on sacrifice and love. Also, I enjoyed the separation of the act scenes, because it reminded me of being in an actual play, having the intermission in between the movie.

  25. Rhetorical Precis: Alix Spiegel, a commentary host in the National Public Radio, claims that thoughts are vague paradoxes that can be seen as a sort of meaning and a non meaningful distraction. Spiegel collects the information of three psychiatrists from their patients that help her claim. Spiegel’s purpose is to suggest that dark thoughts don’t identify oneself and can be overcome with some help. The intended audience of her podcast ranges from the average curious mind and people that suffer from dark thoughts.
    Personal Commentary: This podcast spoke to me in a way. Lately, I, myself, would have dark thoughts like I’m useless, no one loves me, no one respects me, etc. Although I am unclear if I have any brain disorder, having dark thoughts doesn’t seem abnormal. Listening to part two gave me a bit of motivation of not to let dark thoughts overcome my mind and let whatever happens happen

  26. Précis:
    Banksy, an extremely well-known street artist, in his “Girl With a Balloon” piece shows that hope is ever-present even when it doesn’t seem like it is. Banksy does this by having a little girl painted in a plain black and white reaching for the brightly-colored balloon which represents hope and happiness. His purpose is to show that in black-and-white situations, there is always a bit of hope and color in order to inspire, motivate, and encourage. Banksy’s audience includes the entire spectrum of people ranging from the uptight-business men and women to the misguided and outcasted vagrants.

    Personal Commentary:
    The piece I chose by Banksy is one that I’ve seen many times on phone cases, t-shirts, stickers, and even as tattoos. I chose this one because I always knew Banksy to be one of those artists who always had a deeper meaning in his works, but I never really looked into the “Girl With a Balloon” piece even though it is arguably the most well-known and popularized work by Banksy. I’ve always liked the simplicity of Banksy’s work, but there’s something about this particular piece that makes me feel something different. I like that the balloon is in the shape of a heart and that it’s a bright red whereas the little girl is in black and white. Also, I never knew that a few feet away from the girl, Banksy wrote “there is always hope” in all capital letters and it makes me understand the piece so much more.

  27. Opinion: Cat Café in New York by William Grimes
    On a parlous on Hester Street, Lower East Side Ludlow Street, Christina Ha and Emilie Legrand opened Meow Parlour in mid-december for a city that can’t get too much cat. This concept is not unfamiliar as Japan has many of these Cat Cafes open. New York does not allow food to be served with animals around, and to get around it the Parlour is only by reservation and you must sign a waiver to enter. This café is also open to house cats up for adoption, using the café as a perfect opportunity for people to both play with cats and enjoy their time there, seriously could contemplate taking one home for good. Ms. Ha hopes people will give these cats a good home.
    Personal statement:
    I’ve always wanted to go to a cat café for my love of cats. But for now, I think it’s a really neat idea to have a place and cats at the same time. There’s never too much cat.

  28. Entry 9: 3/ 15/ 15
    The Rhetorical Précis:
    Levis and black t’s is an album by a Bay Area named Young Chop, he has 2 songs that represent the town of Oakland as the dangerous town that everyone thinks it is. In the song “I’m from Oakland” and in “Wtf (feat. Goldi F. Brody)” he uses examples of what people from here are down to do, for example he says that we use guns and violence to settle things here. The purpose of both songs is just to talk about the town, and of peoples hobbies here like either drug dealers or shooters. The audience of both songs is anyone from the bay area, is intended for people not from Oakland to get scared of people from here.

    Personal Commentary:
    I personally like this artist, because he is from the town and I come out in the video shoots he be having. His video shoots consist of a lot of people either on muscle, stolen or mobby cars and also dirt bikes that come and support Young Chop. In a video shoot there is many things going on, either people smoking or drinking and those with muscle cars can swing their cars and leave tire smoke for people to smell.

  29. NaTalia Johnson

    Album #1:Z-SZA
    Song From Album:Babylon ft Kendrick Lamar

    SZA, a new singer on the TDE label, in her song Babylon explains how shes a disappointment.Throughout the song she says how She’s referring to herself as a pretty girl. This line comes after her description of herself as “shaped like a figure eight,” which is an idealized body type. But she never claims to be perfect or to know everything—the whole song is about uncertainty. When she asks “Who trusts pretty girls anyway?” it’s like she can’t believe anyone would trust her because she doesn’t know what she’s doing in this relationship. The purpose of this song is to show how song girls think and feel like they are crappy because they aren’t a certain way, also how we think guys see us. The audience is directed to guys.

    My commentary:
    I love SZA. Her voice is mesmerizing and it puts you in a trance. After attentively listening to this album i looked at her other stuff and she is a musical genus. I like how in the song she repeats”crucify me”. THats how some people feel when everything is wrong. I understand everything she says and i definitely can relate. I will keep my eye on her music and i hope she keeps at her career.

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