Cultural Literacy Assignment Week Ten Period 3


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  1. In the his article Scott Simon “Tweeting Mom’s Goodbye” is about him sitting down next to his mother’s deathbed tweeting his goodbye. With this article he vividly displays his feeling and how they are interconnected to those short 140 character text box. He says the “confinement of his mother’s room” but it wasn’t so confining as his mother tells him all of her past memories in which he shares through the social media. His purpose is not to give a serious note to twitter but to say it’s a serious or as superficial as we make it. He makes the perception of this social media so that he aims it towards people that take it too seriously or just make fun of whatever is on there.

  2. In the article, “Oil Prices Fall as Iran, World Powers Seek Nuclear Deal”, journalist Henning Gloystien explains that oil prices in Iran are declining from $56.04 a barrel to $48.11 as world powers such as Japan, England, USA, and China negotiate with Iran for a demand for oil. There will be, the author added, a rise of oil refineries within Iran and many minor drilling programs for the oil market in chosen area and will increase economic growth in oil productions.

    Personally I hope the government in Iran would allow nations, specifically United States, to drill and purchase their oil. Overall it is good that oil is getting cheaper by the month, but my theory on the decline of oil prices was caused by the public having the access to green or environmental energy such as electric cars, however getting that access will empty your wallet.


  3. week 10

    On the book “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker its a fiction book,argues about a girl who wants to have the best for others.The main author in the book The Color Purple is about a young 14 year old girl who writes letters to God because she lives an abusive relationship with her dad after her dad rapping her, him killing his daughters first kid then killing her second kid which was a boy and her mother dies of an illness,after her mom dies her dad married a lady by the name of Nettie.This book can relate to a lot of women and young girls because a 95% of the victims of domestic violence are women,this means most of the women in earth are being abused by husbands and boyfriends, this means that most of the women could relate to this book because the percentage is really high.

    I feel like a lot of young girl could relate to this book because they are living an abusive relationship with their boyfriend.I had one friend who had an abusive relationship at first she didn’t realize how much danger she would was going through and also how bad was that for her health but at the end she was physically abused by her boyfriend that me and my friend had to talk to her and we told her she needed to call police on him because this wasn’t okay for her and it took her time for her to move on and now she is fine because we gave her support not only is but my family and my friends family support.

  4. Alejandra Figueroa

    In the album of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson was Released in November 30, 1982. In this album it had 9 songs and in does he only wrote 4 songs. Michael Jackson album is the best-selling album of all time, with sales over 65 million copies worldwide. In this album “Thriller” talks about love but he appliance is not always easy. For example in the song “Baby Be Mine and “The Girl Is Mine they are from each other because one is telling you need to fight for the person you love and the other is telling you that he already found love and no need to fight for the person he loves. The purpose of Michael Jackson is to tell people that is not easy to find or to maintain love and should take take love for granted. The audience for this album is everyone that loves Michael Jackson songs.

    Personal Commentary:
    I personally love this album especially after hearing all of his songs because I got the chance to listen carefully to all the lyrics of his songs. I enjoyed all of his songs because I had hear a lot of his songs when I was younger and now that I’m older I understand what the lyrics really mean. This is one of my favorite albums Michael Jackson has. I I recommend this albums to everyone.


  5. Chidubem Muata

    Rhetorical Précis:
    Quentin Taratino, the director of the film “Pulp Fiction” portrays the adventure of two hit men. Taratino began with the two hit men driving having a conversation about burgers from Europe and builds up to shooting, car crashes, and all sorts of action packed scenes. I believe the purpose of the film was to show the audience the danger hit men faced in order to feel what it would be like in the main characters shoes or position. The intended audience is whoever is a fan of action based movies or a fan of John Travolta or Samuel L. Jackson.
    Personal Commentary:
    I personally am a fan of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson work, so I automatically took an interest in the movie. Although the movie started off differently than movies I often see I still enjoyed it. The movie was inceptive because of the ending continuing its beginning which was really intriguing.

    The producers, Mervyn Leroy and Victor Fleming, of the “Wizard of Oz” asserts that people who run away from home tends to find their way back. The producers starts the film by showing a girl name Dorothy running away and returning home to a twister that sends her to a mysterious land, grime here she tries to find her way home. Their purposes weren’t only to show Dorothy reverting home, but to demonstrate companionship throughout the journey home. They alter their audience by portraying companionship and love.

    I have never seen this movie before, I’ve only hear about it. It was a decent movie. There was a handful of Catchy songs that got stuck in my head. I liked how Dorothy made new friends along the way to see the wizard. It’s pretty interesting seeing old movies like this, it’s really amazing to see how much film making evolved.

  7. George Lucas, in an Action.Adventure, Fantasy, “Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope” asserts the fight between freedom and that of imperialism. George Lucas develops his thesis by showing the Rebels represented by Luke Skywalker a Jedi’s desperate efforts in defeating the Empire represented by Darth Vader and freeing the galaxy from their clutches of totalitarianism and despotism. Lucas’s purpose is not only to capitalize on the Luke’s symbolism of light innocence and purity and black on Vader painting him as evil but also to show the struggle of a minority few to overcome a overwhelming autocratic authority. The relationship George Lucas established with the audience is by making the theme of the movie the action of rebellion which each of us has inside.

  8. Alice Walker, in her novel”The Color Purple”, shows how although many go through a struggle they can all find their peace by letting themselves fall into the hands of their loved ones. This novel is written in a dairy form which helps the audience form a connection with the main character as well as to get to know her in a firsthand way. The purpose of the author writing this novel was to show not only the life of an African-American woman but the life of an ordinary woman in order to show there was not justification around this time(early 1900s)for any female. The intended audience for this novel would be anybody that seeks any inside information on what the life of a African-American woman would of been like under the author’s choice of circumstances.
    Personal commentary: I enjoyed reading this book because it gave me a better understanding of what women were thought of back in the early 1900s as well as an insight into what their lives could of been like. Although racism was one of the main points in this novel it also helped me to comprehend the main character’s struggles and how she was different than the rest because of the situations she would go through(i.e. getting raped at a young age, herself and people around her getting physically abused by males, etc.).

  9. Paulina Garcia

    Rhetorical Precis:

    Guns N’ Roses’ album “Appetite for Destruction”, an American hard-core rock band releases a lot of exciting energy in this album. Each song is different and concludes various meanings. One of the songs on the album, “Welcome To The Jungle” is very energetic and it brings a very crazy vibes. The song signifies the crazy, dark side of a city, specifically Los Angeles, it symbolizes the welcoming to this part of the town; drugs, alcohol and other stuff. It basically represents that there’s a wild side to LA.

    Personal Commentary:

    Guns N’ Roses brings back a flashback to when I first heard them around my middle school years with my friends. Also this genre of music is for those who really enjoy loud, energetic, hectic music. Its definitely music to listen when you want really want party hard or just to jam out and annoy your parents. Overall, I really like this album and the music is amazing!!

  10. Jordan Hankston

    Into The Wild, by Jon Krakauer is a moving novel based upon a true story about the epic journey of Christopher McCandless. McCandless is a college graduate who decides to spend the summer traveling, his journey takes him through many different places,meeting new people along the way.Krakauer wrote the book out of chronological order, with some events that take place midway through the book positioned at the beginning of the novel.This novel deals with the rejection of common societal values, which made him totally independent,but also led to his eventual downfall.The audience of this book is, the general public, to share the story of Christopher McCandless and anyone who can relate to leaving society behind and living of the land.

    Personally this is one of my favorite books, Christopher was simply not content to sit behind a desk and fill out forms. He wanted something more out of his life, he wanted to explore the land. He never really made deep bonds with others, as he lived in a nomadic fashion, always moving,never staying in the same place for a long period of time. Sometimes i feel like i have just been in same place for way too long, things just get old and there’s nothing new to explore.

  11. Lesly Martinez

    Jimmy Dubb,crated an article that talks about how the Egyptian were the fist to come up with Law and legal system informs of how the first laws were created and how they have evolved. Dubb begins his article of how the Egyptians created laws based on common sense view in right and wrong. his purpose is to get a good understanding of how laws began in order to understand why laws were created and how we use them still today. the historian establishes informative information to his audience who are political or historians who are curios of the origins of law.

    Personal commentary: the creation of law and legal system is the best thing that happened in human history, knowing right from wrong. if laws were never created humans and the world would be very different. if we did not have laws the world would be very corrupt. the laws help us out from horrible natural human behavior. without laws life would be a mess. humans need laws to stay united.laws control the bad people from doing bad things and getting punishment to know its wrong and prevent from happening because people can be very corrupt.

  12. Roman Polanski, Chinatown a private detective is hired by Evelyn Mulwray when she suspects her husband of having an affair. Polanski shows how JJ is trapped in a scandal when he does his job and takes pictures of Hollis with another woman but comes to find out he was hired by an imposter and not the real Mrs Mulwray when Her husband is found dead. His purpose is to show how a detective can get set up by almost anyone. His intended audience are people that would enjoy a mystery suspense.

  13. Anangelica Monroy


    Women’s Suffrage is the right of women to vote and to stand for electoral office. Limited voting rights were gained by women in Sweden, Finland and some western U.S. states in the late 19th century.National and international organizations formed to coordinate efforts to gain voting rights, especially the International Woman Suffrage Alliance in 1904, and also worked for equal civil rights for women. They promoted women with peaceful protest stating that a women can do anything a man could . An important moment in history was during the beginning of the 20th century, as women’s suffrage faced several important federal votes, a portion of the suffrage movement known as the National Woman’s Party led by suffragist Alice Paul became the first “cause” to picket outside the White House. Paul and Lucy Burns led a series of protests against the Wilson Administration in Washington. Wilson ignored the protests for six months, but on June 20, 1917, as a Russian delegation drove up to the White House, suffragists unfurled a banner which stated: “We women of America tell you that America is not a democracy. Twenty million women are denied the right to vote. But it all changed in 1920 when suffragist were granted the right to vote .

    I like the fact that all this knowledge on how women got their rights to vote is online because it was other women who spoke up and weren’t afraid to use their voice .It’s amazing how women did all of these active things in our government and environment without any recognition until asked and I feel as if I was there in that time , I would have had the same type of voice women like Susan B. Anthony had .


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