Cultural Literacy Assignment Week Ten Period 4


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  1. Jerald Quintos

    Music Album

    Rhetorical Precís: Frank Sinatra’s album “Songs for Swingin’ Lovers” asserts that being in love can make people experience multiple feelings throughout a relationship and that love can conquer all. Sinatra supports this with his song “We’ll Be Together Again”, which is about a widow/widower who lost their spouse and being able to see them again in the next life, not being bounded to this one; Sinatra also uses his song “Love Is Here To Stay” shows that two true lovers will stay together will watch the world pass by and nothing will get in the way. His purpose of this album is to show that love is a special thing in order to show that it should come natural. The intended audience for this album is anyone because anyone can listen to music and it teaches a good lesson but not everyone is a fan of old school jazz.

    Personal Commentary: I really like Frank Sinatra as an artist, and his music. I’ve never listened to a whole album of his, only singles that my dad would play.

  2. Rhetorical Precis:
    Charles Biname, director of the movie “Cyberbully”, reveals how horribly damaging teen bullying through the internet can be. Biname supports this by presenting the main character’s happy life before the bullying/internet, how the hatred began, the bullying worsening, how the character took it in, and the resolution. The director shows the cruelties of bullying and how it affects the prey in order to give teenagers a nearly perfect understanding of how much pain simple words can generate. Biname establishes a sympathetic, serious, and understanding relationship with his teenage audience to show that bullying needs to cease.

    This movie was absolutely great. I cant help but tear up whenever i watch it because i know bullying still exists. In the film, the main character nearly commits suicide and i believe that touched the hearts of many watchers, including myself. The fact that there are still young lives being taken by themselves because of something that does not need to happen and is easy to fix is heartbreaking. Because of this movie and the documentary “Bully”, i now take into consideration what and how i say things to people, and stand up for those being bullied whenever possible. This is a must-see for every teen.

  3. Category : Music

    “Please Please Me” – The Beatles

    Rhetorical Precis:
    He saw her standing there and his heart went out to her. He is now in the chains of love and cannot escape it. He always sends love letters to his girl to show his love for her. What compels his strong love for her is her personality and her. He goes crazy over her and is always thinking of her. He says that she will never be able to see how much he loves her. He describes the kiss as honey sweeter than anything. The girl he likes, Anna, says another man loves her more than he does. He tells her to go after him. He begs for her to choose him because he has tried his hardest. He is going through misery because she’s not his anymore . He questions himself asking why he still likes her even though she’s with another man; he just wants to be loved; he promises he will always be true to his girl because his love for her is real. There is a pace where he can go he he feels down or alone; the only thing he thinks about is the love they share and he can’t wrap his mind around it. The way they send this message across is by composing music and all the parts in the album developed into a full story about the feelings he has for a girl and how he feels when he is left alone. The purpose of composing this song is to express his feelings of love and show others that they’re not alone when they’re left alone and love isn’t returned. The music this is intended for are the young adults and adults because they are the ones experiencing love emotions.

    Personal Commentary:
    I know that these feelings he experiencing are real. When there is love between two people, they are happy and always thinking of each other. If the love isn’t returned , it will drive the person crazy if it isn’t returned; it’ll always be stuck on their mind. Love is a good thing if only both people feel the same way, but it can have a devastating effect if it isn’t returned. It is heart breaking and it causes you to question yourself like how do I need to win their attention? This is a realistic situation that many can relate to.

  4. Virginia Johnson, author of the article, The Ancient Olympic Games, informs us about the beginning processes of the first Olympic games. Johnson begins her article with a description of the role of the women played in the games, which was absolutely nothing. The women were not allowed to participate or even watch the first Olympics. Johnson also explains that if women decided to sneak in to watch the games, they would be thrown off a cliff. Her style of writing this article starts off with the women, then moves on to the experiences of the first day for the athletes and then ends with the fifth day. The purpose of Virginia Johnson writing this article was to inform the audiences of the first experiences of the very first Olympic games. The audience of this article can be anyone who is interested in the start of the Olympic Games.

    Personal Commentary:
    This article was one of the most interesting ones I’ve read so far because of the interesting information Johnson included to describe the experiences of the first Olympic athletes had.

  5. vanessasaeteurn

    Rhetorical Precis
    In this article, “How to Survive the College Admissions Madness,” Frank Bruni declares the admission system is clearly flawed and people can get where they want in life without getting into an Ivy League school. Bruni validates his point by sharing the stories of multiple student’s journey, being rejected by their first choice colleges and overcoming their defeat, like Jenna Leahy states, “There’s a beauty to that kind of rejection, because it allows you to find the strength within.” Bruni proposes these student’s stories to belittle the credit elite institutions have so parents and students do not see the acceptances as a necessity goal but just as a yes or no. Frank Bruni gives readers a sense of relief, showing people can get where they want in life by taking a different path.

    Personal Commentary
    Personally this article did relieve me and it was very helpful to see how people’s lives turned out when they were rejected to their first choice colleges. It definitely takes the pressure off not having to feel obligated to apply for a college that I personally doubt I will get accepted to. And I am okay with that.

  6. Historic Article

    Rhetorical précis:
    In this article the staff talks about Hitler and how he came to power in the World War 2 by asserting his points about the history of the Nazis and what they did during this time. The author develops his argument by talking about the start of the Nazis and how they became the threat we know them as today. The reason for this article is not to show how the Nazis is a big threat but to also show that they were just trying to bring Germany back to normal through the leadership of Adolph Hitler but has also many conflicts in the process. The intended audience for this article is anyone that might have an interest in world or United States history.
    Personal Commentary:
    In my opinion I find this article really interesting because it shows how brutal the ideology of the Nazis is and how they wanted to just bring Germany back to normal and to recover from the previous World War but ended up starting another World War. Also how the Allies “purified” Germany of the Nazis to make sure another up roar of their ideology won’t spread.

    Jordan Sonnenblick insightfully wrote the novel, “ Drums, Girls, And Dangerous Pie,” in this book Sonnenblick that you have to enjoy, and appreciate the people you have around you and meet, because you never know when you can lose them. The way Sonnenblick proves this moral in the book, is through a handful of examples, first the main protagonist’s, Steven, “annoying” little brother is diagnosed with leukemia, from here on Steven learns to enjoy every second with his brother because it could be his last, after that Steven meets a girl with cancer also and begins a close friendship with her, only to find out she dies suddenly, here Steven begins to realize that you really have to appreciate the people around you, the girl of his heart also walks out on him momentarily all showing Sonnenblick’s moral strongly. Sonnenblick’s purpose for this book was not only to create a piece of literature that many growing teens can relate to in terms of girls, family, death and grief, but also to show people that through harsh struggles, there are always people that have your back, no one is truly alone. This book was mainly intended for an audience of growing teenagers going through grief, and also people with family members having cancer.
    I first read this book myself, when I was in 6th grade, I didn’t really understand many of the themes or subjects so I read it and agreed to read it once more when I was older, but I still liked it very much. So I read it again when I was in 8th grade and loved the book immensely, I felt like I could relate to the book and story, not with anyone in my family having cancer, but with everything else going on with Steven in the book: girls, music, losing friends and school. I really loved the book and thought it had beautiful themes in it. When I finished reading the book I felt that deep happiness inside of my stomach, the kind you get when you finish reading a great book.

  8. Rhetorical Précis:
    The article “Chinese Foreign Policy Comes of Age” by Andrew Small argues that China is making a change in its foreign policies and is beginning to take on the role of “a normal great power.” The author supports the claim by giving examples of Chinese government actions that resulted from a change in foreign policies, namely China’s offer to act as a mediator between the Taliban and Afghan government. Small’s purpose is not only to discuss how the Chinese government is changing its foreign policies to touch on sensitive topics that it had previously been unwilling to touch, but also to discuss the reason behind the change which is to protect its own interests in other parts of the world. The density of information, along with the formal use of tone and diction in the article suggest that it is only suitable for older readers who are more aware of what’s happening in the world.

    Personal Commentary:
    I am personally not very interested in politics but I did learn a few things from reading this article. Speaking from the perspective of a Chinese-American, I am proud to hear that China is starting to play a more active and assertive role in the world just as it should do as a great power. I think it is extremely important to be active within global affairs because that’s how a country can hold its place in the world and it would be easier for a country to protect its global interests. It is exciting to see what China will become as a result of changing its foreign policies.

  9. Salvador Melchor

    Rhetorical precis

    Elvis Costello’s in his album “This years new model”, gives us the main idea

    of the album in the title, but of course you wouldn’t know until you’ve listened

    to it. In every song of this album there is talk of a girl, the song “You belong

    to me” is as it its name, a man who claim that this girl belongs to him and only

    him, many of the songs are revolved around this. The track

    “This year’s new girl”, relates to the title itself. This track has an oddly deep meaning,

    Everyone desires this new years girl, not because she’s particularly amazing, but

    just because of the simple fact that she’s “This new years girl”.


    I liked the album overall, it was like listening to a story throughout the album.

    It was fun to actually try and decipher what the message of the song was.

  10. Zachary Katzman

    “The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics” by Daniel James Brown

    Rhetorical Précis: Daniel James Brown, in his book “The Boys in the Boat,” asserts that teamwork has the power to overcome the greatest obstacles. He describes the journey of the Washington University 8-oar crew team from their freshman season to their national championship victories to their 1936 Olympic gold medal. Brown attempts to show how far the crew came as a team in order to show how large of an effect their victory had on America just before World War II. He outlines the background of each member in order to make the reader feel that teamwork can bring together very different people and get them to achieve a joint goal.

    Personal Commentary: This book was very interesting for me. I have read a lot about pre-WWII and about the ’36 Olympics, but I had never heard this perspective before. It was a true story based on accounts from the crew’s members, so there was a lot of detail that is hard to find elsewhere. The story seemed to parallel the story of the war, and this crew team took the imaginations of America along with other 1936 Olympians (e.g. Jesse Owens). Each victory was a blow to Hitler’s idea of a superior race. The boys on this team did not come from the wealthy elite, and as an underdog, they further countered Hitler.

  11. (rhetorical précis) book (The Turn of the Screw)
    An unnamed narrator listens to Douglas, a friend, read a manuscript written by a former governess whom Douglas claims to have known and who is now dead. The manuscript tells the story of how the young governess is hired by a man who has become responsible for his young nephew and niece after the deaths of their parents. He lives mainly in London and is uninterested in raising the children himself

    Personal connection
    I don’t have personal connection with this book and its content but I know people that has gone trough that like my friend .he had a family they were all happy but his mom and dad would fight all the time and they separated and now he hasn’t seen his mom for about 3 years she just didn’t care about him and his well being .

  12. Rhetorical Precis:

    Upton Sinclair, in his novel – “The Jungle”- argues against the ideas of the “American Dream.” When The Jungle was published, there was an immense flow of poor European immigrants into the United States, chasing after the “American Dream.”. Many of these immigrants lived in overcrowded, horrible conditioned tenement buildings with no access to basic necessities such as clean water and sewage systems. Having come to America looking for work opportunities and a new life, the immigrants provided a cheap source of labor for businesses and factories. Sinclair noticed millionaire businessmen were exploiting their immigrant workers to fill their wallets. Sinclair uses the image of the slaughterhouse to compare Jurgis and his family contentedly coming to work in American workplaces to hogs heedlessly going to the slaughterhouse. Sinclair, also uses Jack Duane and Freddie Jones, well off, upper-class characters to represent the catastrophic repercussion even rich families face due to capitalism. Sinclair, however also believes we can keep striving for this ideal of the American Dream. In order to achieve this ideal is through union organizing. For Sinclair, unions provide a counteract to the business capitalist who make American workers depressed. Sinclair sheds light on the meatpacking industry and the lives of immigrants during this time to educate the public on social problems.

    Personal Commentary:

    I’ve wanted to read this book because I heard that it caused the FDA to create laws on how meat should be processed and handled but never really came around to do so. However I’m really happy I had the chance because I learned it wasn’t just about the meatpacking industry in Chicago. It did shed light on what disgusting, awful things went on in the factories but also went into depth on immigrants during that era as well. Also I did some research on Upton Sinclair and found out that he went undercover in Chicago’s meatpacking industry to write a journalistic report which turned into this book. This shows that he was very committed to let the public know what was going on around them.

  13. Rhetorical Precis:

    Christine Erickson, from Mashable, writes about the beginning of texting in her article “A Brief History of Text Messaging”. Erickson first starts her piece by explaining exactly what text messaging is and the purpose it serves today before going into the history of it, starting with the concept of SMS which was started by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert and then ending with the different types of text messaging; Erickson is able to explain her knowledge on the topic through a brief article. Erickson’s purpose is to share how far text messaging has come and how complex it use to be before people were able to send them from almost every tech device. The audience Erickson is trying to reach are the people that are interested in tech topics and the history of today’s rapid and still developing technology.

    Personal Commentary:

    This article was interesting because I learned things that i didn’t on something that I use everyday. I had no idea that the idea was being thought about in the 80s and then actually became a thing in the 90s. It was interesting to know that text messaging has come such a long way and is still being developed more and more today.


  14. Music Album – Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

    Rhetorical Precis

    Pink Floyd, an internationally acclaimed band, in their album, The Dark Side of the Moon, sings about the overwhelming pressures of modern life which includes money, traveling, being on time and the fear of death. Pink Floyd develops their message by using many realistic sounds in their songs to present the reality of the situations; for example in the song “ On the Run”, the entire song is composed of sounds from a busy airport and this shows how hectic and chaotic our lives are turning out to be. The purpose of this album is the show how our modern life is full of external pressure which includes our greed for money and the passage of time; and to show how these pressure can negatively affect our well being. The audience for this album is mainly for adults and more mature people who are capable of understanding the world around them.

    Personal Commentary

    I heard of Pink Floyd before I listened to this album, but I have never listened to any of their songs. I usually only listen to modern music, so this album was interesting to me. I was impressed with their incorporation of real sounds like heartbeats and cash register machine opening to further develop their theme in each song. Some of their songs that do not include lyrics were difficult to interpret since different sounds could be interpreted in different ways. Overall, great album. I would definitely check out their other songs.

    – Guan

  15. Andy Han........ Life ughhh ... sWag

    Opinion-Editorial Article

    Rhetorical Precis:
    Terra Ziporyn Snider, in her CNN article “Let kids sleep later,” asserts that schools specifically middle and high schools must start course time later the national average of 8:30 A.M. Snider is able to develop her argument through logos, supporting herself with scientific evidence which points out that students who enter puberty can not sleep before 11 P.M. and thus become more sleepy, more susceptible to obesity and substance abuse, and less likely to fully grasp academic concepts. She later gives an example of a mother who currently has a sophomore in college; the mother points out that when her son was in high school, his first period bell rang at 9:00 A.M. rather than 8:00 A.M. and this was able to improve both his mood and Grade Point Average. Snider through this article appeals to audience consisting of young students, parents and/or guardians of these students, doctors, but most importantly school officials, whom she tries to convince to pilot new and later start times.

    Personal Commentary:
    Simply with a bias, I wish and hope this will happen. Skyline’s first period begins at 8:05 A.M. I personally wake up at 6:30 A.M. I try to get as much sleep as I can , but it is rather difficult with the heavy load of homework every night. This is on top of extracurricular activities and sports, which causes to get home around 7 P.M. I continued to research this topic and found that teenagers older than the age of 13 can not fully comprehend topics until 10 A.M. Most teens do not get more than 8 hours of sleep per night. This is the standard minimum of sleep necessary. I think we need this program to be piloted in OUSD. We may see better results in terms of academics and behavior.

    -Andy Han


    Rhetorical Precis:
    James Hamblin, in his opinion article “The Weight of a Magazine for Sex Workers” suggests that prostitutes and people in the sex industry are underrepresented and commonly misjudged. Hambin does this by first introducing an unfortunate situation where a prostitute was mislead, raped, and unjustified in court to represent how sex workers are treated then presents the audience with one of the rebuttals of the sex worker suffragists: $pread. The purpose Hamblin is trying to accomplish is to educate against a common misconception and stereotype and accumulate supporters. His audience would be people and feminist who judge and look down upon sex workers.

    The intro really got to me. It was heartbreaking to think that a person who was obviously wronged had their case undermined to the point where the people who committed the crime were let off with a reduced charge. For me, it’s one of those things where I know it happens and is still happening but seems like it would not happen because it should not. I appreciate this article because it sheds some light on what others might not like to talk about and informed me of a magazine that is doing good. It gives me hope because it proves that people who see things wrong in the world and act on it can accomplish something and make an impact.

  17. Robert Semeckis, director of the movie Forrest Gump, implies that you should not give up on life and live it to the fullest no matter what obstacles are given to you. The director supports this by giving the main character, Forrest, a “mentally disabled” role and recovering from the war, while his mother is supporting him and encouraging him to be the person he is. The director’s purpose is to show that everybody has value and simplicity. The intended audience would be people with little self-motivation and happiness in life.

    I recently watched this movie; I only watched it because it was popular. I would have to say its one of the best movies I have ever watched. I would recommend this movie to anybody even if they had a certain interest in movies that didn’t match with this one. Although, I never really thought about the purpose of this movie; I am glad that I came upon one. It gave me the realization of life and to have no doubt in doing anything.

  18. Martin Scorsese, American director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and film historian, in his film Goodfellas depicts the life of an italian mobster in a recreation of the book wiseguy. Scorsese uses real events mixed in with his own imagination to create a cinematic masterpiece. He wanted to create an accurate portrayal of a gangsters lifestyle and observations. This was created for an audience of all people 10 and older.

    Commentary: I’ve seen goodfellas many times since I was in middle school; however never through the filter in which I just watched it. I over analyzed every single thing, and tried to connect it all to a purpose and imagined why scorsese included everything. It was a very different experience, and this project made me get more out of the movie. The movie itself is amazing and everyone should see it.

  19. Rhetorical Precis
    The book The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan portrays the lives of four Chinese women in pre-1949 China and their daughters in California to show that the idea of maintaining Chinese traditions under American circumstances was not possible. Tan alternates between each mother and daughter to show the perspectives of a Chinese immigrant mother and an American-born Chinese daughter to demonstrate the different ideals they each believe in. Her purpose is to prove that no matter where each new generation is raised in, their identity is defined by their family and their history. By alternating the perspectives between four mothers and four daughters, Tan is able to appeal to both younger and older generations.

    Personal Commentary
    I really enjoyed this book because I felt that it was relatable to my upbringing and was similar to my circumstances. Because this book was published in 1989, I feel like the experiences of first generation Chinese people in that time period is much different from mine. Reading this book saddened me because I could relate to wanting to deviate from my culture and wanting to assimilate into American society. As I grew up, I realized that I should be proud of my culture and by then, I was already “Americanized” to my family shown through my broken Chinese, lack of knowledge about Chinese myths, and etc. All in all, I felt like I could relate to this book and made me more aware of how I neglected my cultural background.

  20. Movie: Primer by Shane Carruth
    Rhetorical Précises
    The film follows Abe and Aaron, whom worked for companies by day and their own separate night project of selling tech cards. Together they forgo their original 4 man team to just the two of them, making a machine by mistake of time travel. At first, they only think it’s a fluke just like any other mistake and using this sort of method to justify an outlier to the situation. However it proves true, and so they make life sized copies of it to travel back in a 6 hour time period, investing in the stock market. Realizing the sort of power they’ve discovered, the situation is agreed to be hidden since they themselves do not know fully of what they have. It also integrates their greed in curiosity and how far they could push themselves in this test. Abe makes a backup and Aaron takes the back up to travel in multiple loops and uses his own choice of taking out his doubles in order to fix their jumbled future predicament. The whole movie is on the voice of a younger Aaron, who voice records this entirely on his own confession in a way to condemn their sin; but it’s unlikely he takes it as a mistake since in the end it is suggested he is making a huge version of their time travel machine.
    Personal statement:
    the movie was difficult to grasp at first, with all the physics fundamentals. It only started making sense when they described the built up of protein, which sped up their process and finally clicked with me they were time travelling. The directors choppy and action-based descriptions really make you pay attention and question nearly everything.

  21. Rhetorical Precis: Alice Walker, an African American author and activist, implies that male oppression prevalent and not uncommon in some households with her novel, The Color Purple. Walker depicts the image of an oppressive African American man submissively beat his wife as the main character, Celie, and her spouse, Albert. Walker’s purpose is to not shy away from such situations and acknowledge that these instances occur. The intended audience that Walker was emanating are African Americans and the ones that aren’t educated of such situations.

    Personal Commentary: I didn’t know what I was expecting reading this book. I somewhat regret reading the book as it didn’t help me picture sunshine and rainbows, yet I don’t regret it as reminds me that this is still possibly/probably happening to someone somewhere. Although no one wants to picture these things in their head, you cannot just turn a blind eye to these situations.

  22. Frank L. Kluckhorn, author of the article “Hawaii Attacked Without Warning”, writes about the event that happened on December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbor was attacked on this day unexpectedly at 7:48AM. Kluckhorn wrote this article on the very next day Pearl harbor was attacked to inform the public on the tragedy that took the lives of more than 2000 men.

    I found this article very maddening due to the fact that even though this event happened before my time, I feel its upsetting that the Japanese did a surprise raid on our home turf without hesitation.

  23. In the article, Holocaust History, as Told by a Survivor, Chris Cottrell follows the story of Laszlo Schwartz in order to give the readers a more personal perspective of the Holocaust. Because Schwartz is a survivor of the Holocaust, he is able to give the readers an insight on his experience that is often left out in textbooks which gives the article a more intimate tone. Cottrell develops his article by first introducing Schwartz and then proceeding to present Schwartz’s personal experience, which included time in Auschwitz as well as trying to run away and hiding under corpses on a train, and what he is doing with his knowledge today. The purpose of this article is to introduce a different perspective of the Holocaust from the eyes of a survivor which enables the reader to gain a better understanding of the hardships during the time as stories like Schwartz’s fail to be represented in modern textbooks used in classrooms. Stories told from survivors are more personal than the generalized summary given to students across the world. The audience of the article is for everyone as the Holocaust was one of the greatest genocides in the history of the world and many people only know of what has been told to them by their teachers or read in textbooks.
    I thought this article provided great insight on the Holocaust because it was told by a survivor. Textbooks, like the one we are currently using for APUSH, discuss the Holocaust in a very brief and generalized way which only allows for us to know the basics of the incident. However I believe stories from survivors, like Schwartz, should be somehow implemented in textbooks as they are more personal and provide a lot of insight that is lacking in modern textbooks. In addition, because every Holocaust survivor’s experience in the Holocaust was different, each of their experiences would withhold new information for the reader to expand their knowledge of this pivotal event in history.

  24. Megan Erickson

    In the article “When Whites Just Don’t Get It,” writer Nicholas Kristof explains his opinions based on statistical research on why black-white race relations should receive more attention rather than less. Set off by white people on social media claiming racism should get less attention after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Kristof writes to challengers of his ideas in effort to change their stubborn thinking. Kristof begins by discussing what he calls “smug white delusion.” He describes this term by sharing American statistics of the many African-Americans who, compared to whites, are given little to no education or occupation opportunities which leads to partially-true stereotypes of blacks males being criminals on welfare, who don’t care for their offspring. Kristof’s ironically smug attitude shows his readers that he knows what he is talking about, and so do the many research-based organizations he cited to support his ideas.

    I found this article very interesting. Author Nicholas Kristoff has a very know-it-all tone, which almost always appeals to me, but the topics Kristoff has chosen are also very controversial which makes his argument even more intriguing to read about. In my opinion, Kristoff makes very believable and supported claims to make his opinions seem almost common sense.

  25. Article:

    David Brooks, a New York Times writer, in his article “How to Fight Anti-Semitism” claims that anti-semitism stems from three ideas: a theoretical system that helps make sense of the world in the Middle East, a response to alienation in Europe, and misinformation elsewhere. Brooks uses logical analysis along with facts to back up claim. Brooks’ opinion article is a response to the rising anti-semitism and he uses his article to educate people about anti-semitism and its roots in order to inform those to are non-anti-semites about the types of anti-semitism. Brooks aids the readers in understand the types of anti-semitism and their roots to help them gain a perspective on the situation.

    Personal Commentary:
    I’ve never understood anti-semitism. I don’t get how someone could hate an entire racial/religious/national/ethnic group. It never really registered in my head that people could want to commit genocide. Like David Brooks said, unlike bigotry, the goal of anti-semitism is extermination and for me, that never made any sense. But from the article, I’ve gain some perspective from the viewpoint of the anti-semites and though none of this “perspective” justifies anything, I’m starting to understand, not only were the hatred of Jewish people come from, but also where any types of hatred stems from. It’s all a scapegoat of sorts. If something doesn’t make sense in the world, the natural response is to figure it out no matter what (who) it costs and if one feels like they’ve been wronged, blame must be donned upon someone.

  26. Historical Article- In the article, Hiroshima: Was It Necessary?, Doug Long discusses if the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was the only solution to the conflict the US had at the time with Japan. He writes his article by talking about the situations that got to the point where the US had to resort to such force and why it was approved by the president. The purpose for this article is to debate whether the dropping on Hiroshima was the right thing to do or not and if the US wanted to test it out and to scare the Soviets to show what the US is capable of so they could be scared. The audience for this article would be for historians.

    Commentary: This article as interesting to read because we are learning about it in APUSH and this adds more knowledge for me about if it was the right choice or not to bomb Hiroshima. But I still wouldn’t say it was a good idea because of the lives it killed.

  27. Historical Event/Article

    Helen McCarthy, author of Pacifism and Feminism in the Great War, informs us of the importance women’s suffrage had during the great war. McCarthy begins the article with a background of the women’s suffrage situation during the great war. It is clear through her diction and style of writing that she is passionate about the topic she is exploring. It is safe to assume from the topic of the article and her style of writing that she is a feminist as well. Her target audience is other feminists with a purpose of recognizing the principal importance of women and their influence in politics during a time where they were an invisible hand.

    Personal Commentary
    Being a girl, I always feel compelled to read articles regarding women’s rights and how we came to where we are in society now. I thought the article’s discussion of The Hague was really interesting because it was the first time reading anything like that for me. I had no idea about women’s suffrage or involvement in politics during that time period.

  28. Personal Precis:

    Born Under A Bad Sign, by Albert King, is a song exactly like the title, a song about his unfortunate life. Throughout the entire song, Albert King talks about all his mishaps and explains why he is so unlucky.The repetitiveness in his song shows the drastic unlucky situations he’s had. When he says “ Hard luck and trouble has been my only friend”, it shows how much trouble he’s been through in life, showing the unfortunate things in his life. In my opinion, this song represents a hard time that he’s went through in his life, showing the depressed state he was in, showing and singing how hard life was and all that hard balls thrown at him. This song could appeal to those who are or were going through the same stage he was, the same pain, and relate to how lonely everything was except for the pain.

    Personal Commentary:
    I think i preferred the lyrics more than the song itself. This was the song where i paid attention to the lyrics itself and not the tune. In a way, that is a good sign because I’m really appreciating the song by the lyrics, rather than enjoying it because it has a catchy tune. On the other hand, I am not entirely sure if i just paid attention to the lyrics just because of this assignment. Overall though, I enjoyed this song because I feel everyone has those stages where they feel very lonely and having music would be a strong reliance and support, even if it is just lyrics and a tune help together, it could have a lot of meaning and power behind it.

  29. Ulysses Gonzalez

    Rhetorical Precis

    U2 album War upon was remarkably political in its debut in 1983 standing out from their previous albums to address the aspects of war . Among all songs “Sunday bloody Sunday” was the most influential because of the song’s focus on a real horrifying event known as Bloody sunday in which innocent people were massacred, the song goes on describing the horrible scene to make people rethink.This song goes well along the album’s name focusing on one main idea. U2’s purpose is to make people aware of the brutality to make an end to create peace. Mark’s intended audience was the young who were born and raised in the era of the cold war.

    Personal Commentary

    I’ve heard of U2 but never listen to them their music had very deep meaning and a lot thought into it. I also liked that it had a soothing and nice beat to it

    Album:War by U2
    -Ulysses Gonzalez

  30. Entry 10: 3/ 29/ 15
    The Rhetorical Précis:
    The Youtube video is called Anunnaki – Dont Watch this Film, it is a film and animation video uploaded by Eugenio Lopez Carlos to explain a theory about the world and its secrets. The video begins with starting with a simple line like, God does not exist and goes on explaining why and about why we haven’t been told about it. The purpose of this video is to inform you about an old race of aliens that use to roam the world and how they have chance the world and how it affects us every day. The audience is everyone that wasn’t to hear the truth that can be to scary to believe but at the end of the day is just real life.

    Personal Commentary:
    Nothing of this video shook me, because I had a theory of my own and this video just helps back up my theory with evidence. The only thing I didn’t like was the voice of the narrator, it was too scary to stay focused the whole time but other than that it was very informative and had great evidence and analysis. I believe in aliens and about conspiracy theories because I don’t believe in a creator, I believe that we don’t all have a chance in this world because only the ones go get the opportunity to succeed will do it while we are left out without opportunities.

  31. NaTalia Johnson

    Album #2:Lauryn Hill-The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
    Lauryn Hill, singer and actress, reenforces her ideal that love is everything. In the album she has these transition pieces. The story follows a class full of students and a teacher who spend the period talkin bout love. After each song you hear them talking about love in different ways such as:Songs, movies, how you know you in it, ex… The purpose of that was to possibly show how kids think about the concept of love and how lauryn was love deprived. You’ll hear in the beginning of the Album, the teacher call role and Lauryn wasn’t there meaning she missed the love talk. The audience is adults.

    My commentary:
    I enjoyed the album. I loved how throughout the whole thing Hill had a story. Hearing the voices of those kids put a warmth inside of me when they talked about love. It was like i was in the classroom with them. I also like how each song was about love in a different form. My favorite songs from the album would have to be all of them because they flow so well together that if you put them apart it would be like missing a puzzle piece(which is a personal pet peeve).

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