Cultural Literacy Assignment Week 12 Period 3


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  1. Rhetorical Précis:
    The author Ansley, in her novel, “Beautiful Heist”, asserts the bonding of a hostage and a kidnapper doesn’t always end in a negative way. The novel is in the first person perspective and starts off as a visit to Paris France that later ends up in the middle of a museum robbery; from there, she gets kidnapped and bonds with the crook and his family. Th author’s purpose of the novel is to explain how friendship builds. The intending audience of the novel is to anyone who enjoys reading about growing friendships.

    Personal Commentary:
    I don’t really get into books, this was an exception. I looked for an interesting book and found this one. The story was detailed and fast paced. It included actions and attention grabbing scenarios. Although this is an unpublished book, this had a good story.

  2. In the novel Nothing Else Matters by Sidney Sheldon, the book portrays the life of three female doctors, Paige, Stacey, and Kat, all three of them close friends, have all distinct different life situations and challenges to overcome for living successfully and fulfilling their goals and dream. Throughout the novel the three women faced emotional stress, work stress, physical setbacks, and sexual harassment. Near the end, Stacey and Kat have to put their efforts to prove that Paige is innocent in a case where the was convicted of murdering a patient for $1 million. The author’s purpose was to show how challenging work or career incidents was for women and the discrimination they faced. (book taken place in the 90s-2000s).

    Personally i love reading this book again just to finish what happened in the end. This novel was very entertaining with intense drama within the characters and the idea of showing feminist roles and reform for showing women’s rights in the work/career society.

  3. Chidubem Muata

    Rhetorical Précis:
    Ralph Ellison, in his novel- “Invisible Man”- explains the life of a man who lived underground writing a story of his life as a young man. Ellison begins his novel talking about who the man is the gradually progresses as you read. His purpose is to portray that you can do anything even if no one contributes to your ladder to success. The authors intended audience is anyone who has an interest in fiction novels.
    Personal Commentary:
    I honestly did not know what to expect of this book because I have never read or heard of it. After reading about it, it got more and more intriguing. Although it had nothing to do with an actual invisible man it was a nice read.

  4. week 12

    On the book “Candide” by Voltaire argues that Love could have consequences since it’s about a young boy who falls in love with a girl who he knew he couldn’t have.Voltaire supports Candide since he was growing in a castle where he knew who ever he liked there wasn’t going to be able to happen nothing, so he knew that whoever he liked he had to be dreaming on marrying that person.His purpose in not about just to fall I love with someone, fall in love with someone you know everything going to work out and have a better future for both of you guys,in order for him not to marry Cunégonde he should move out the castle he was raised in so he does move out and joins the military so he could forget about her and he faces many challenges while he joins the military.Voltaire wants for people to know that love is something that will bring you challenges and emotions but in order for you to overcome them you need to choose the right person to be in love with and also to make sure you will never have someone against you guises love.

    For me I have never falled in love with someone,but I think that’s good because I seen my friends go through emotions and some feelings that you can never move on but at the same time they move on just because they know that person wasn’t the right one for them.Also many young people could relate to this book probably because they had moved from state or country since they want to move on from a person and it would be better if they moved from the same city they use to live as them and it would be better if they do that because what if they find a better person than them and they could do better in their life.

  5. Alonso urciaga

    The creator of Michael Jackson dangerous album cover was the artist Mark Ryden. It took six months to end in. Much of the life of Michael Jackson is reflected in it both in pictures as symbols. Develops on how jackson started his career and succeed. In his songs he explains what is going on in his life.Jackson made a lot of sacrifices in life that made him who he is

  6. Lesly Martinez

    The film E.T the extra-terrestrial is a movie by Steven Spielberg claims that there is life outside our earth and that they come and visit our earth. he shows his belief by making an alien get lost in our land and interacting with a human and shows what people would do if such thing occurred. Spielberg purpose is to show people that there is life outside our world and it is not as scary as we think it is there is a possibility that the aliens can be nice strangers in order for us to both get along we must be nice to each other. the intended audience for this film is the whole world. its a film fore everyone to enjoy to teach everyone that believes in life outside earth and people looking for an adventure movie.
    Personal commentary:
    this movie is very different from the alien movies today. this one is my favorite because its very different it makes aliens look very curious and very nice too who are also scared of us. compared to the ones today who make the look really scary and take over the world. this movie is very unique and the actors are great. one of my all time favorite movies.

  7. Jordan Hankston

    This article, by Stephen Benedict Dyson, explains the similarities between the Crimean crisis and the Invasion of Georgia (which occurred in 2008) The author inserts a quote from Daniel Fata (Secretary of Defense for N.A.T.O. during the crisis) stating that Putin was “never punished by the international community” This establishes the general feeling that the current crisis was caused by the international community’s failure to sanction Russia for the Georgian invasion. Throughout the article, Dyson’s focus seems to be how the failure to punish Russia in the Georgian crisis has led up to the Crimean crisis. The point of this article is to establish the mistakes made in a similar conflict and to create ways to prevent the same mistakes from occurring in the present crisis, and also to prevent future conflicts being created like this one.The intended audience is the general public, government officials, who are trying to keep the situation from occurring again.

    Personally i feel as Daniel does, There were no real consequences applied after Russia invaded Georgia, if anything Putin made gains. I feel as if the international community just sat by saying “ohh no, you shouldn’t do that” with that said, i don’t think the conflict should have escalated to other militaries getting involved, but i do think that Extremely harsh sanctions should have been put in place.

  8. Steven Spielberg, in the movie “Jaws” shows us the blood chilling side of sharks in this thriller film and gives the viewer time to change their perspective view on sharks. Spielberg contrasts the way the current growing number of people view sharks as dangerous to the radical view as craze hungry predators. Spielberg’s purpose is to bring fear into the heart of viewers on the potential dangers of sharks causing hysteria and promoting the killing of sharks that was rising in the 1970’s. An example of this would be near the beginning of the film when a 10 year old boy is brutally killed by a great white shark this part not only brings fear to the viewers but also brings them to the brink of thinking that Sharks are dangerous animals and as such must be eliminated. The intended audience were mainly to the people and primarily to those that swim frequently

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