Oops! I dropped the ball on Cultural Lit, so you can save it for next week.


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  1. week 13

    On the movie “Forrest Gump” by Robert Zemeckis is a romantic and drama at the same time.Forrest was a simple man who would always be in major events in the late 1960’s to 1970’s.People consider him not a smart one but throughout his work they had realize that they were wrong.This romantic movie took place from 1960’s-1970’s.Also he was a person who would aim to do something and he would accomplish it, didn’t matter the obstacles he had to go through.One of his first job was to serve in the military and was honored with a lot of medals from the army.His high school years were like a normal teenager from playing sports to becoming an adult and going to college.At some point in his life he had open a family bussines and his bussines made him rich,this did not change his personality at all he was the same simple guy.Forrest shows that you dont need to be intelligent to be someone in life,you have to like the job you want to be doing the rest of your life.The attended audience is movie directors and the watchers who watch his work.

    This movie made me realize that anything can be accomplished in life but you have to give your 101% so your dreams can come true.Also i recommend this movie to people who think they can’t be someone in life because they’re not smart enough at school.This movie has been one of my favorite movie I have seen so far and also has a powerful meaning.

  2. B.B King, in pop music Live in Cook Country Jail sings about life as he played this to Chicago jail in 1970, and won over hostile prisoners with definitive versions of his blue standards.King develops the meaning of the song by giving the audience meaning to his words like for example “so fellas if you got a woman and the lady dont do like you think she should dont be going upside of her head now, dont you be beatin on her, see if you hurt her you only do on thing…you only make her smarter and she wont let you catch her next time”. The authors purpose is to convey his feelings through a song. The intended audience were to the prisoners but also to outsiders that happened to be listening to his music.

  3. Jordan Hankston

    In the article Abroad At Home A Different World
    (written on September 12th 2001) by Anthony Lewis, the author begins by telling the tale of a husband who was trapped in the world trade center before it collapsed,the husband telephoned his wife to inform her of his impending death. The author uses this tragic tale as a attention grabber to pull readers into the article. The author then starts laying down the framework for his view on America’s national security. The authors purpose for writing this article is to share his opinion on the subject of U.S. post 9.11 national security and possibly to vent anger resulting from the tragedy. The intended audience for this article was the general public and also government officials, at this time an article of this nature most likely appealed to the whole U.S. public.

    Finding articles like this one,written in the past is very interesting because we look at things like this differently now,than we did back then. I could sense the anger churning within the author. The attitude toward this issue has sort of gone through a 360, at this time the general consensus was that the U.S. government shouldn’t stop hunting terrorist until they were deleted(not destroyed) Now people are much more reluctant to support sending soldiers to a foreign land.

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